Voxsmart was founded in 2006 as an innovative developer of mobile first solutions for national and international businesses. In 2008 the company began to concentrate on providing solutions for the financial sector to help companies meet their compliance requirements.

Today, the VSmart mobile call recording service is fully compliant with current and pending legislation and is backed by a global VOIP network. VSmart offers financial services companies a flexible and failsafe method to record and store mobile calls across the widest range of mobile handsets and on any mobile network.

To learn more about our journey and history, take a look at our timeline.



Oliver Blower



Oliver W Blower is the Group Chief Executive Officer of VoxSmart and a member of its Board of Directors..



Oliver W Blower is the Group Chief Executive Officer of VoxSmart and a member of its Board of Directors.

As CEO, Oliver leads an Executive Leadership Team focused on delivering VoxSmart’s vision to enable mobility and unlock productivity in heavily regulated industries.

A champion of new technology Oliver has spent over a decade in the financial markets with Barclays Capital and latterly Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he ran a market structure business within Fixed Income Trading.

Oliver is a recognised global ambassador of FinTech and can often be heard reminding people that he remembers when ‘FinTech’ used to be referred to as ‘Selling software to banks’.

Oliver holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in law as well as an MBA from Cass Business school in London.



Adrienne Muir is the Chief Operating Officer of VoxSmart.



Adrienne Muir is Chief Operating Officer of VoxSmart.

Adrienne has a real passion for startup businesses and believes that if you have the right people. processes and attitude within your company then the rest will follow.

Adrienne has over 20 years’ market experience working for both Exchanges and Financial Technology firms in Futures, OTC and Commodity Markets.

Adrienne is a big believer in coming back with a brand new invention.

To complement her experience, Adrienne completed a Post-graduate Certificate in the Psychology of Organisational Development and Change at Bedfordshire University and is a founding Director and Chair of Women in Listed Derivatives (WILD UK).

Richard Wheeldon



Richard Wheeldon is the Chief Technical Officer of VoxSmart.



Richard Wheeldon is the Chief Technical Officer of VoxSmart.

As CTO, Richard leads the R&D and InfoSec teams, responsible for delivering product innovation balanced with the need for security, resiliency and scalability in a global service.

An experienced software developer and architect, Richard built a security management system for correctional, military and other high-security environments whilst at PIDS specialists Geoquip before joining Cisco where he helped provide secure web browsing for millions of users as lead of their Cloud Web Security team.

Richard can often be heard saying, “security is a journey not a destination” as well as “If there was a problem, yo, I’ll solve it”.

Richard received his PhD in Computer Science from Birkbeck University of London. Before that, he obtained a BSc from UCL where he still sits on their computer science departments’ external advisory board.



Bryan Johnson is Chief Financial Officer of VoxSmart.



Bryan Johnson is Chief Financial Officer of VoxSmart.
In addition to running the finance team, Bryan is focused on the business strategy and expansion of VoxSmart to help deliver the very best solution available to our clients.
Previously, Bryan was the lead Telecoms, Media and Technology analyst at BlackRock in Europe covering high yield issuers for 5 1/2 years. Prior to BlackRock, Bryan worked at JP Morgan for 5 years as a high yield credit analyst.
Bryan can often be heard saying “Stop. Collaborate and Listen”.
Bryan has a PhD in Financial Mathematics and a Masters in Physics, both from Manchester University.



A highly experienced mobile industry executive, Graham was formerly the CEO of AIM-listed WIN Plc, a member of the UK Operating Board of T-Mobile, Chairman of Telrock plc and a partner in Palace Ventures. He is Chairman of HulloMail and a non-executive director of LeoneTel.



A highly experienced mobile industry executive, Graham was formerly the CEO of AIM-listed WIN Plc and negotiated its successful sale to Indian Internet services company IMImobile in 2011. Graham had led WIN to a market-leading position as a provider of services to mobile network operators, broadcasters, enterprises and internet content owners.

Previously a member of the UK Operating Board of T-Mobile, Graham was responsible for the company’s wholesale business operations including its partnership with Virgin Mobile. He has also served as Chairman of Telrock plc, a mobile payments processing company, and as a partner in Palace Ventures, an investment and advisory services business specialising in mobile applications. He is Chairman of HulloMail and a non-executive director of LeoneTel.



Nicola is a UK Barrister specialising in financial services law, regulation and compliance. She was the Chief Executive of Mourant one of the UK’s largest independent law firms and now runs her own consultancy advising private equity firms.



Nicola is a UK Barrister and a Jersey Advocate who brings deep specialist knowledge and experience to the VoxSmart Board. Throughout her career, Nicola has specialised in financial services law, regulation and compliance. She was the Chief Executive of one of the UK’s largest independent law firms and fiduciary services providers, expanding the business to 10 jurisdictions and increasing its value to more than £100 million prior to its successful sale.

A Chartered Director, Nicola now runs her own consultancy business and specialises in assisting private equity houses with commercial, regulatory and compliance due diligence of financial services businesses.



Mike is a leading fintech and Silicon Valley veteran. Mike is currently CEO of Currency Cloud where he has been responsible for growing the firm from zero revenues in 2011 to processing over $4 billion of annual international payments.



Alex is a serial entrepreneur with over 40 years’ experience of successfully investing in and managing private and listed companies.

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The worldwide roll out of VSmart™ is likely to continue well into 2016 and will be complemented by the mandatory recording of telephone conversations and electronic communications across all 28 European Member States under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (“MiFID II”).

This legislation succeeds and enhances the current regulatory regime in the UK enshrined in the Financial Conduct Authority’s (“FCA’s”) Conduct of Business Sourcebook (“COBS”). Important changes include the requirement to retain recordings for (at least) five years and record face-face client interactions.

Furthermore, the removal of the current exemptions for discretionary investment managers, retail financial advisers and firms providing corporate finance will bring more firms into scope.

VoxSmart are in active dialogue with the college of global regulators on the viability of implementing these changes.


2015 will include multiple international deployments of VSmart™ across Europe, North America, Asia and South Africa.

VoxSmart will also significantly enhance its core platform by offering advanced (real-time) speech->text transcription, intelligent (self-service, visual) Voicemail and additional functionality within the patent pending VSmart™ Control Centre (“VCC”).

In addition VoxSmart will be incubating a market leading  ‘safeguarding’ tool for trading firms enabling the mitigation of risk related to errors, compliance failures and trade breaks. This technology will not only add back the context to compliance breaches but will significantly enhance productivity and safeguard employees and organisations against trading losses.


From the beginning of 2014 VoxSmart began investing in a global VOIP infrastructure to support VSmart™ which, by March, was made available to early adopter clients on legacy BlackBerry handsets and operating systems in line with market demand.

In November VoxSmart delivered VSmart™ for BlackBerry 10 and Android Operating systems and continues to support global implementations.

In 2013 the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”) and Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) began implementing the sections of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act related to recording of communications on mobile devices, found within Title VII.

In August and in line with an evolving and harmonizing global regulatory landscape VoxSmart took the decision to invest in a next generation solution to address the requirements of their global client base.

The solution had to be; globally deployable, carrier network independent and handset agnostic as well as offer a seamless user experience and scalable cloud storage accessible within seconds. VoxSmart named this next generation solution VSmart™.


At the beginning of 2012 and working closely with their existing customer base VoxSmart developed VoxRecord 2.0.

The application significantly enhanced the user experience versus VoxRecord 1.0 and was very quickly the solution of choice for Mobile Call Recording in the domestic and global financial market.


In the weeks leading up to the 14 November 2011 UK regulatory deadline VoxSmart became the recognised market leading provider of Mobile Voice Recording Globally.
VoxSmart continued to invest in R&D and created the VoxSmart Control Centre (“VCC”) to offer clients the flexibility to determine when, where and how their mobiles were recorded and also provided best of breed Disaster Recovery, management information and faster deployment capabilities.

In early 2011 the fully regulatory compliant VoxRecord application packaged with VoxLog was augmented by the development of the VoxRecord Control Centre web based application.

Not stopping there and utilising the VoxRecord 2.0 technology VoxSmart developed an on-demand variant VoxOnDemand 2.0.


In 2010 VoxRecord was deployed to a number of banks in APAC and was quickly recognised as the benchmark within the mobile voice recording industry.

The FSA regulation changes were to be implemented and VoxSmart was at the forefront of mobile voice recording enabling compliance adherence ahead of the wholesale market reform.


By March 2009 the VoxRecord application was commercially deployed in the City of London with sales also being achieved in other sectors in the UK and abroad.

Customer feedback was for an on-demand recording version of VoxRecord that let the user decide on what part of the call they wanted to record, so VoxOnDemand was created, separate from the VoxRecord compliance offering, however a great addition to the VoxSmart solution portfolio.


In March 2008 VoxSmart became aware of the Financial Services Authority (“FSA”) (the UK regulator) plans to introduce compulsory mobile recording for traders under the Recordkeeping requirement within the Conduct of Business Rules and launched VoxRecord.

The VoxRecord application was cutting edge technology utilising network carrier 3-way calling technology to connect to either a hosted recording platform or an on-premise recorder, giving customers choice on where their calls are stored.


In October 2007, further development led to the launch of two new applications hosted on a third party platform; VoxTalk, an application offering cost savings on international mobile calls and VoxConference, an application enabling dial out conference calls from a mobile phone.

Work began to develop a carrier agnostic, software only product that would enable financial services firms to record their BlackBerry smartphones on their in-house voice recorders.


VoxSmart was founded in January 2006 to market and license a mobile conferencing solution called MultipartyTalk to mobile carriers.

In July 2006 a 3 year contract was signed with StarHub, the second largest mobile carrier in Singapore with over 1.5 million customers and a significant proportion of the country’s BlackBerry users with the product launching under their ‘Call2Meet’ brand.

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