In this virtual keynote, our COO, Adrienne Muir, discusses how new working practices are impacting how and where we communicate for business and it is highlighting the need to re-evaluate how communication data is captured and monitored effectively to drive efficiencies and enhanced governance.

The original recording aired as part of the Women in Finance Online Festival, a virtual event with over 100 inspiring female leaders from across Financial Services sharing their professional experiences and responses to the changing financial landscape.




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Enabling customer-led growth

“The customer is always right” may be the most famous expression of customer loyalty. Today, we live in a world where the customer holds power and influence over how companies interact with them and the technology they use to do so.
One market trend is that customers are now glued to their mobiles, and we expect businesses to be there waiting for us.
Financial Services have seen that many of their customers are using commercial instant messaging platforms as their channel of choice. In fact, the use of WhatsApp has become so engrained in our daily lives that it has now become a verb alongside “To google it”. This has resulted in many customer-facing employees turning to WhatsApp and other IM tools to communicate with clients, despite this activity being banned in some institutions.

There is an urgent need for firms to adapt their tools, techniques and internal procedures to cater for this demand. Firms will be more competitive and deliver better customer service if their employees are conducting business in a way in which is most convenient to the customer.

Embracing work from anywhere

Over the last year, we have seen global institutions switch to an entirely remote working model. While this has been through necessity and public safety, the lessons learnt have transformed our perceptions of where we can work.
Additionally, the amount of communication tools available to businesses has sky-rocketed since the start of the pandemic. Tools once thought of as consumer channels such as (WhatsApp and Zoom) have proliferated the enterprise market, blurring lines between our work and personal lives.

This additional choice of how to communicate, driven remember by our customers, and this increasing adoption of more flexible working patterns have meant that employees are no longer bound to office desks. We can work from anywhere.


Adapting communication for an “always-on” economy

We’ve accepted that the customer is always right, we know that employees are always on and working from anywhere. How will businesses adapt to serve their customers while ensuring compliance and best practise?

Global business velocity depends on embracing emerging communication. In turn, firms will need to ensure these communication channels are recorded compliantly in a scalable manner that allows the firm to continue evolving.

VoxSmart is equipping firms with technology that mitigate the risks of an “always-on” economy. Our surveillance products enable employees to communicate compliantly and automate time-consuming regulatory requirements so firms can focus on becoming more productive and profitable.




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