In a recent webinar, our CCO, Alan Giles, talks to Andrew Dodsworth, Director of Operations and Risk at DGCX about some of the key market and supervisory drivers facing regulated organizations. Webinar also gave viewers an in-depth demo of the VoxSmart Mobile Capture product. 


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Business data is everywhere

A really interesting news story was released recently around a recent study made by Data Management solutions provider Veritas. In their study, they report that nearly 90% of office worker employees in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have admitted to sharing sensitive and business-critical company data using instant messaging platforms.


This really encapsulates the challenges at hand regarding how employees and clients alike are interacting. Lines have blurred between enterprise tools and technology and ones traditionally thought of as consumer platforms. And so, firms must re-evaluate how they are monitoring the communication channels that employees choose to use, which most of the time is driven by their clients preferred choice. 


We can now work from anywhere

Over the last year, we have seen global institutions switch to an entirely remote working model. Technology has really been the key to enabling this change and we have seen many clients rely heavily on their mobiles to maintain a “business-as-usual” state.

 People are becoming used to using their mobiles for business and this shift means that we are now able to work from anywhere; firms must address how they will supervise conduct virtually or on the move.


Supervisory drivers in 2021

 There are also a few key trends from a regulatory and compliance perspective that we are also seeing globally, and ones that were raised in the guidance on trade surveillance by DGCX last year. These are: Increased transparency, increased access to surveillance and ongoing cost optimisations challenges for regulated organisations. To hear more of the discussion and see a live demo of the VoxSmart Mobile Capture suite, click here!

 Our view at VoxSmart is that Communications Surveillance really goes hand in hand with trade surveillance. It’s two pieces of the same puzzle and unifying the two can become a very powerful tool to control employee conduct within your firms. But this is a marathon, not a spirit. These sorts of surveillance technologies are complex, and it takes time to review what the best approach could be for each firm. However, a perfect place to start is to ensure your data capture capabilities are in place and cover the areas of your business where you need them and this means to ensure you are capturing your employees’ mobile conversations, especially given the current working condition.


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