VoxSmart receives approval from Apple to distribute their award-winning WhatsApp Capture application via the official channels used by Apple customers.

VoxSmart clients will now be able to access the Apple-approved application via the tech company’s zero-touch deployment environment. Clients can then connect the VoxSmart app to their mobile device management (MDM) solution to allow central and streamlined distribution to their global employee network. This will enable IT teams to configure and manage the app remotely while tailoring the setup process to any team.

Whether an organisation has ten devices or ten thousand, Apple supports easy integration into a firm’s existing infrastructure through their enterprise solutions. Now, VoxSmart can provide secure access to their proprietary technology through the official channels used by iOS-powered enterprises across the globe.

WhatsApp Capture for iOS, part of the VoxSmart Mobile Capture suite, is an application that sits in the background of an employee’s mobile phone and records messages, rich media and voice notes sent directly through the native WhatsApp Messenger. The application is always on and cannot be switched off by the employee themselves, giving compliance teams effective and tamper-proof control over their organisation’s mobile communications.

Security is central to all iOS products and this rigour extends to their application partners and developed apps. As such, the application was subject to rigorous security testing and control by the Apple review team ensuring it met the Apple coding standards.

This milestone will help VoxSmart customers better control and supervise corporate-owned devices, while remaining network and device agnostic. Ensuring solutions are interoperable with an organisation’s existing infrastructure is of paramount focus to VoxSmart’s development team. This approach has given clients and users greater choice and flexibility with their technology solutions, without hindering their compliance coverage.

As our working environment shifts to a more hybrid and mobile model, more applications, previously considered only for personal use, are now being utilized for enterprise purposes. This shift in user behaviour elevates the risks associated with information security and compliance on previously unmonitored channels such as mobile.

When choosing a partner for mobile surveillance and compliance, firms should always install and manage their compliance applications through approved delivery methods and be wary when asked to install them through illegitimate means, such as cloned apps, sideloading or through trial accounts. Likewise, firms should ensure the application is in production, fully operational and supported before proceeding into the deployment phase.


If you would like any more information about our complete Mobile Capture suite, including mobile voice recording and capture for SMS and other Instant Messaging platforms, get in touch to talk to your local VoxSmart representative.