Mobile Surveillance in 2018
This year has been the year of GROWTH at VoxSmart! We’ve expanded our product suite considerably and we’re now proud to be shipping the world's first unified mobile surveillance solution for capturing voice, SMS and instant messages to 5000 users in nearly 60 countries across the globe. Read on to hear about some of the highlights, new product features and learn how VSmart™ could help your organisation empower mobility in 2019.
by VoxSmart Press Room
on 25th October 2018
IM Capture
Product Brochure
Credit: Oliver Harkishin
New ways to capture and store your data…
  • VSmart™ to VSmart™ Fast dialling shortens Inbound call setup times by eliminating the initial inbound call rejection. Fast dialling is available for calls between VSmart™ users within the same business and can be configured to present reliable Caller Line ID or a generic message identifying the caller as another recorded user. Please contact VoxSmart support to enable this feature.
  • VSmart™ MVR now supports NICE NTR 2N Active SIP integration. NICE Trading Recording is an on-premise fixed line recording solution that captures, securely stores and archives voice recordings which can be monitored and searched upon. There are many ways to record a call over SIP such as passive, active and SIPREC. In our case, Active SIP means there is a direct integration from the VSmart™ Cloud into the customers recording environment. Whenever we receive a call, we don't record it and fork it to the SIP endpoint (in our case, a NICE NTR) which will record it instead. 2N means that every call is being simultaneously recorded by 2 NICE NTRs and many other solutions cannot offer 2N due to their rigid network infrastructure. This makes our solution a great business case for compliance and disaster recovery
  • We’ve also added SMTP Integration to our storage options with Global Relay and Enterprise Vault allowing your company to store your media and metadata wherever you choose
  • Whats the deal with WhatsApp? This year we saw exponential growth and usage rates of our Instant Messaging capture solutions. We now capture messages on WhatsApp and WeChat and in the first half of this year we launched WebCap for WhatsApp. Across our messaging channels we’re now recording nearly 1 MILLION MESSAGES a month and we expect this to grow in 2019. Whats more, we’re no longer just about text. We now capture images, voice clips, attachments and emoji’s
  • And to round off the year, in-line with our new brand and website that went live in June, we’ve re-branded the VoxSmart Surveillance Portal too. If you’d like a demo of the VSP please complete the form at the bottom of this page.
Smarter ways to deploy...
  • We know that speed of deployment is very important to our customers and at VoxSmart we specialise in large scale user deployments. This year we have deployed and implemented our solution to hundreds of users at a time. This includes the migration from legacy services and changes in network carrier across multiple geographic sites. Our Technical Account Management team have developed a range of deployment models for our clients including customer lead, managed and bespoke project management options.
  • But our deployment process doesn’t just stop there. VSmart™ is now available in the Google public play store meaning you can give your end users greater accessibility during deployment and ensure you’re always up to date with the latest VSmart™ upgrades.
People and Places...
  • We continue to build a strong customer base within the commodity and energy broking community and count the top 3 inter-dealer brokers amongst our client list. We have also added 2 of the top 20 global banks and one of the world’s biggest oil companies to our customer roster in 2018.
  • Our partner list has grown to include Amazon Web Services and Twilio as well as a number of global resellers and distributors. You can find out more about becoming a VoxSmart partner if you click here.
  • We’ve also added new call coverage for our new customers in South Africa, Malaysia, Spain, Mexico, Isle of Man and Turkey increasing our global coverage to over 50 locations.
  • Finally the VoxSmart team has almost doubled this year with new additions in every single team especially Research and Development and Operations. This reflects our enormous commitment to our product, service and support and the VSmart™ product suite will continue to evolve in 2019.