7 Reasons to do work experience at a startup.
At VoxSmart, we encourage students and graduates to come and experience life at a growing start-up business. Whether you want to learn about Digital Marketing, help test our latest product features or see what it takes to build a global tech company we have a variety of places and people you can learn from.
But why choose to work at a Start-up rather than a big established company? Our most recent intern Megan Tang shares her thoughts.
by Megan Tang
on 17th July 2018
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Credit: Oliver Harkishin
Friendly Environment
The work place environment here is very friendly and welcoming. There is a great sense of team spirit as I discovered from discussions of watching the World Cup games together, a leaving party for an employee, lunch plans and the sharing of ice cream. I felt a real sense of community from the moment I stepped in and saw the 4th of July decorations scattered across the office and was introduced to each member of the company.
Open Plan Office
As start-ups are often in a rather small office space, they tend to have an open plan, with everyone working in one room. This provides an opportunity for one to observe the various relationships between different departments and learn how they form an efficient and hard-working team.
There is a great deal of variety in your job when working at a start-up as there is such a wide range of both opportunities and challenges. You will likely adopt many new skills as each employee must have a well-rounded set of skills to continually excel and support the growth of the company. Despite given a set role, one will never be bored as there are constantly new challenges to be conquered with newly acquired skills.
Gaining work experience at a start-up is favourable as there are often more opportunities for you to display and develop your skills and learn about the company. This past week I had the opportunity to attend several meetings with various departments to gain a better understanding of the inner workings of the company. I was also lucky enough to sit in on a meeting with a client and learn about the importance of communication both within the company and externally to customers.
Start-ups may be situated within a building alongside many other start-ups such as VoxSmart. There are many social areas around the office and you can meet a wide variety of passionate people, all invested in a project like yourself. You often gain inspiration and motivation from those around you both within your immediate colleagues and in the wider workplace.
Working at a start-up company which doesn’t tend to have a large number of employees means that you will often be the only person capable of completing a task. This greater sense of responsibility promotes a sense of purpose and encourages you to be more responsible, reliable and productive as it pushes your ability to its limit and helps you develop your skills. Furthermore, it means that less time is wasted through menial tasks and you are able to gain a real sense of the workplace very quickly.
There is a great opportunity to learn from those around you, especially from CEOs and those in higher positions as the company is small enough for you to have a close relationship with all those involved. Throughout this week I have learnt a great deal from those around me as everyone is always happy to help and explain.