VoxSmart to launch Dark Theme on its Surveillance Portal
We are excited to announce the VoxSmart Surveillance Portal (VSP) is set to get a brand new look – Dark Theme.
by VoxSmart Editorial Team
on 31st January 2019
IM Capture
Product Brochure
Credit: Oliver Harkishin
What is the VSP? Used by mobility and mobile compliance teams, the multi-channel mobile surveillance platform enables our clients to access all of their recorded media and administer their recorded users from one place in real time.
After much consideration of our end users, and having reviewed the research around dark backgrounds and dark themes, VoxSmart believes this change will enhance usability and increase user efficiency.
VoxSmart’s Global Product Director, Stuart Park, explains: ‘We know mobile surveillance and compliance teams are looking at vast quantities of mobile recordings on the VSP, with some of our clients recording over 80,000 messages a week.
Some of the known benefits of dark theme are: improved readability and consumption of text. High contrasting colours increase performance, as highlighted by research from Richard H Hall and Patrick Hanna . While health benefits include reduced eye strain and fatigue.
Dark theme, or dark mode, is becoming increasingly popular and sees no sign of stopping. Over the last few years, a number of the tech giants have launched a dark setting for their users, with Twitter leading the fore and Apple continuing to roll it out across their product suite.
As a key provider to global financial services firms, leading inter-dealer brokers and wholesale risk managers, we know our users are sitting at screens for long periods of time, sifting through large amounts of data. We also know that they are familiar with dark backgrounds; dark trading screens have been around for some years. We carried out a number of preliminary tests and received positive feedback from our clients on the dark theme.
Stuart added: ‘Our aim continues to be providing a seamless user experience and to simplify mobile surveillance for our clients. We think a lot about the way our users are consuming information, their behaviour when using an interface, and how we can help improve the overall design of our UI to improve the experience.’
In June last year we also launched our new website and brand. The new VSP dark theme reflects the changes to our brand and the professionalism of our product architecture.
At VoxSmart we strive to deliver industry leading compliance technology for our users, giving them the ability to capture, record, store and archive all mobile communications anywhere in the world, all of which are made available in real time via the VoxSmart Surveillance Portal.
If you would like to learn more about the VSP and experience our Dark Theme UI for yourself, please request a demo and a member of our team will be in touch.