Use Case
Knight IT Group are the leading technology alliances partner in the UK providing cost effective and accurate solutions to companies across the country. Knight IT ensures the technology is enabling businesses to grow and over the years have built a strong and reliable network, working with the best partners to ensure they receive the optimum service.
“VoxSmart has done much more than help us close opportunities, it has boosted our P&L and made accountability an accessible commodity.”
  1. To expand worldwide operations.
  2. A solution that will capture and store mobile communications.
  3. Increase the mobility of their sales team.
  4. Reduce the cost of their fixed lines
  1. Implementing our multi-award winning technology VSmart™ in the UK, US and Australia.
  2. Capture, store and log all voice and voicemail communications using the VSmart™ Surveillance Portal.
  3. Utilising VSmart™ to provide Knight IT with the flexibility, support, transparency, enhanced customer satisfaction and lower storage costs to elevate growth within the business