“Using VSmart™ allows us to deploy one solution across the globe regardless of the regulatory requirements in each region. For a bank our size, that’s incredibly powerful”
With users based across the globe and multiple regulatory environments the bank needed a solution that could capture all channels regardless of location. They also knew that an application based solution was not reliable in a regulatory environment.
One of Canada’s leading global banks needed a mobile solution that could be rapidly deployed and scalable whilst still ensuring compliance with global regulation.
  1. Capture all calls, texts and voicemails regardless of network location.
  2. In line with regulation, store all data for between 5-7 years and ensure that it is readily available.
  3. View, annotate and audit all data via an easily accessible portal.
  4. Ensure that the solution is always on accross all corporate issued devices to ensure compliance.
  5. Manage the solution via the firms company wide mobile device management system and deploy to multiple users at once.
  1. Deploy our embedded solution VSmart™ that is always on and requires no change in user behaviour.
  2. View, annotate and audit all data via one portal across the whole organisation.
  3. Deploy at the click of a button without any device changes or heavy deploymen
  4. All data is stored with Amazon Web Services ensuring enterprise grade security.
  5. Using VSmart™ all calls, texts and voicemails are recorded from anywhere, at any time and on any network.