Introducing VSmart™ 2.0 - The Next Generation of Mobile Surveillance.
LONDON/NEW YORK, July 3rd, 2018 - TODAY, London based Mobile Surveillance firm VoxSmart have announced a major software upgrade to their proprietary, multi award-winning software, VSmart™.
3rd July 2018
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Credit: Oliver Harkishin
VSmart™ 2.0 is the next generation in Mobile Surveillance, laying the foundation for future innovation to provide existing and future customers with the most comprehensive mobile compliance solution on the market.
In addition to the main VSmart™ platform capabilities, customers can now experience advanced third-party connectivity, new ISO 27001 standard security processes and two major upgrades to the core voice capture functionality.
Last year, the company announced their WhatsApp WebCap™ solution, the first end-to-end unified software solution for recording messages on desktop and mobile. Now, to support their growing Asian user base, the software will also capture all voice clips sent on WhatsApp and WeChat.
The second major feature although still currently in BETA, is to deliver full call transcription. As part of this upgrade, the company has invested heavily in improving it’s voice capture capability to enable the software to capture calls on two channels rather than one. Not only will this improve quality of call monitoring, but it will also allow the company to start testing transcription with it’s existing clients with a new partner which they will announce later this year.
“This important upgrade is necessary not only to address the evolving regulatory landscape but also the rapid ‘consumerisation’ of user behaviour within our regulated user base. Every day we help market participants build entire revenue streams and manage their risk on consumer platforms like WhatsApp and WeChat and ensuring that is done securely and using the very best technology is our number 1 priority.” - VoxSmart CEO, Oliver Blower
Since launching VSmart™ in 2014 the company has been relentlessly innovating and evolving VSmart™ to ensure they meet client demands and regulatory requirements. From pioneering Mobile Voice Recording (“MVR”) to launching capture on WhatsApp and WeChat they are now proud to supply their solution to multiple Tier 1 banks as well the world’s two leading interdealer broking firms and the world’s largest wholesale Energy producer.
Many firms have opted to reduce costs by adopting a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ strategy or through company policy. But how can we truly mitigate risk on an unmanaged device or empower mobile users by banning mobile? This strategy not only limits control but shifts the blame from organisations to end users.
The greatest expense when running corporate issued devices largely lies with employees traveling overseas and accumulating steep call charges when roaming. With a VSmart™ loaded device this need not be the case. All International numbers are routed through the users local point-of-presence and converted to local calls in all major financial districts, globally. This significantly reduces the overall cost and enables flexibility when regularly making inbound and outbound.
VSmart™ 2.0 is available on all Android devices and captures calls, texts, voicemails and instant messages to help global firms achieve global regulatory compliance and enable new communication channels.