VoxSmart capturing 1.5 million IM messages per month proves demand for their product with Tier 1 banks and IDB’s

18th June 2019
by VoxSmart Press Room
on 18th June 2019
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Credit: Oliver Harkishin
VoxSmart, the Leader in providing global mobile voice and instant message (IM) capture technology, released today that they are currently capturing over 1.5 million instant messages per month.
David Delaney, Chief Commercial Officer of VoxSmart, said “We have seen the demand for the capture of IM increase over the past 6 months. We were confident we would reach these numbers early 2020 however the demand was such that we hit this number in June 2019”.
VoxSmart’s product suite captures voice calls and instant messages globally for the top 5 Inter Dealer Brokers and global tier-one banks, offering secure tamper proof technology that is available on both mobile and desktop.
Oliver Blower, CEO of VoxSmart, said “Being able to capture communications over IM channels in a compliant way is a game changer for many of our brokers in the commodities market. Having the VoxSmart desktop and mobile capture product allows them to freely discuss trades internally and externally while being fully compliant. Our real time surveillance portal captures all their messages in real time allowing for easy retrieval if required”.
VoxSmart are seeing an increase in demand from Hedge Funds and Private Equity firms in the US along with global tier-one banks wanting to offer a safe and compliant tool for mobile phones.
“Our clients are all using instant messaging tools in their day to day lives, and simply put, they want to continue to do so in the workplace. I am not surprised we are capturing 90,000 messages a day. The demand is high, and our product is the tool of choice.”
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VoxSmart is a UK based Mobile Software company founded in 2006. They opened their first regional office in Singapore in 2016. Their software, VSmart™ is proprietary, patented software and fully compliant with Global Banking Regulation.
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