Simon Brint
Marketing Manager
Teething Problems for MiFID II
" This month we’re revisiting the Second Markets in Financial Instruments Directive one year on since coming into force last January. Read on to find out what has changed over the past twelve months, how the regulation has affected financial institutions in the EU, and the influence this has had on the US. "
What we've been reading this month...
Firms still unsure about MiFID II a year on from launch
"Even though MiFID II came into force a year ago, there is still a great deal of uncertainty and confusion about how best to conform to its rules"
Written by: Matt Smith
4th January 2019 | 5 min read
MiFID II goes too far and is too costly to implement
“A year ago, I was optimistic about the potential of the European Union’s second Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, which brought sweeping regulatory reform to financial markets in the EU.”
Written by: Daniel Schlaepfer
11th January 2019 | 5 min read
Mifid II: A year to celebrate?
"Since Mifid II came into force a year ago, industry figures have continued to debate whether it has fulfilled its goal of increasing transparency in the asset management industry."
Written by: Daniela Esnerova
16th January 2019 | 10 min read
Regtech Around The Globe
Mifid II’s transparency rules go global
"European financial regulation usually strikes fear into US asset managers. Twelve months after the implementation of Mifid II, however, some US managers are voluntarily signing up for transparency rules that do not apply to them."
Written by: Siobhan Riding
20th January 2019 | 10 min read
The SEC Hands Out MiFID II Lifelines, But US Firms Are on the Clock
“MiFID II officially entered the global financial services sector about a year ago. But while most are acutely aware of its impact on financial markets domiciled in the European Union, few understand its implications overseas.”
Written by: Smartkarma Content
14th January 2019 | 5 min read
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