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Our story.

With over 100 staff worldwide, we are headquartered in London with offices in Madrid, Singapore, New York and Queenstown.

Since 2011, when we established the company name (Vox) – inspired by the Latin for ‘voice’ – and 2014, when our CEO set us on a new course of innovation, we have grown to become a leading provider of surveillance and compliance technology. We’ve worked hard to educate, inform, and inspire our peers and make a resounding mark on FinTech and RegTech.

We’ve also made sure to stay true to our values as a company, which is no easy feat and something our COO holds dear to her heart. But there’s more to this story – keep scrolling to learn more about us.

One team driven by its values.

We lead with our values in everything we do, and we are proudly defensive of the culture we have created.

You will be challenged professionally and supported personally. We have designed our working practices to give everyone the time and space to manage their life and interests.

There will be ample opportunities for you to gain exposure to challenging projects. If you have a growth-mindset and the courage to ask, “what if?”, you will excel with us.

Our teams are open-minded and generous in sharing their knowledge. You will continue to develop your skills by making the most of the company’s combined experience and expertise.

Empathy is at the heart of innovation and strengthens working relationships. We hold each other in high regard and treat everyone with consideration, care and concern.

You will be part of a team that makes considered decisions and owns their outcomes. We give autonomy openly so we can foster reliable and remarkable teams and team members.

A place to thrive, inside and outside of work.

From the beginning of our journey, we wanted our culture to serve as the anchor to our success so sought to create an environment that enables individuals and teams to perform at their best.

Working from anywhere

Birthday benefit

Flexible timetables

Local health and wellbeing initiatives

HEAR IT FROM OUR chief marketing officer

Morgan Martins

VoxSmart CMO

VoxSmart is a place where innovation and experience meet. Its an organization that thrives on diversity of thought and ideas. We’re always aiming to make everyday and every product better than the last. If you’re creative, ambitious and talented this is a great place to be.

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