Artificial Intelligence (AI) has, within many industries, often been utilised as a buzz word to attract and impress the public with state-of-the-art applications of modern technology. However, there is real value to be gained by applying AI to your business, across a number of functions.  

The introduction of AI 

AI is not a new concept. It has been on the scene longer than many of us may expect. Yet, the way in which we apply AI has evolved and much progress has been made into the field since its initial introduction some 65 years ago.  

Coined by John McCarthy in 1956 AI is the ability of machines to perform certain tasks, which need the intelligence showcased by humans. However, prior to this, mathematician Alan Turing and neurologist Grey Walter tackled the challenges of intelligent machines as part of the wartime effort and set the bar for the future of intelligent machines, paving the way for AI. 

Not long after the introduction of the term AI, Machine Learning (ML), established by Arthur Samuel in 1959, is to the forefront of AI. Derived from Samuels desire to create a machine which could learn to play a better game of checkers than could be played by the person who wrote the program. With ML, AI machines automatically learn from existing data without being assisted by humans and from this, huge amounts of unstructured data such as text, images, and audio are absorbed in what is termed deep learning.  

AI in Financial Markets 

AI is very much changing surveillance platforms and functions, with the industry starting to mature around its use in recent years. It is more conventional now, with a greater degree of transparency and explainability to all areas of the market and regulatory boards.  

It can be seen to vastly increase operational efficiency and reduce resources needed in the assurance of regulatory compliance. In the game of false positives AI brings new capabilities to the table, vastly reducing this rate allowing analysts to focus on the real issues. A recent TabbForum survey cast further light on the future of AI and ML with the market, with these aspects being the third most popular area in which firms aim to invest in over the next three years. 

AI and ML at VoxSmart 

Dedicated to providing practical solutions to real industry problems AI and ML are pivotal in our effort to tackle these issues. Following our recent GreenKey acquisition, our NLP technology can help firms enhance team management, sales efficiency and trading operations by recognising and analysing the content of text and audio communications.  

VoxSmart’s Communications Surveillance platform combines various AI and ML algorithms to increase accuracy, and reduce false positives, equipping firms with a more effective tool for conduct risk management.  

Trade Reconstruction is another area where VoxSmart applies AI in order to successfully identify important information within a communication which links that message, text or call to an order or transaction. This automated data linkage significantly reduces the time spent on regulatory reporting and also allows firms to easily investigate internal queries or questions surrounding their business.  

All our solutions aim to equip firms with the tools to make better business decisions using insights from the data their business is generating. AI and ML technology is essential to making this happen.  


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