Compliance Departments.


The broad, deep range of internal conduct standards and regulatory compliance in organisations have necessitated a robust, comprehensive surveillance program.

However, the shift to remote and hybrid offices has added another layer of complexity to an already challenging role.

With the right technology and approach in place though, compliance departments can execute a winning strategy that supports business growth.

Embracing all-new, end-to-end, compliance capabilities.

Successful compliance is predicated on a transparent, comprehensive view of non-financial risks, including employee conduct and reputational and regulatory issues. However, an overarching bottleneck for many compliance departments is a reliance on legacy technology and protocols.

These include:

  • Non-centralised access to pertinent data
  • Manual data collection and reliance on siloes
  • Global oversight of hybrid teams
  • Conduct risk management
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Mobile device communication oversight

Moreover, compliance teams tend to have to deal directly with each organisational department to extract the information and data that they need to carry out their duties. This presents a number of inefficiencies, including an over-reliance on other departments, greater risk of human error, and having to adjust to various workflow systems that different departments use.

The right technology solution can provide real-time surveillance data from across the entire organization in a centralised manner. Crucially though, it must not minimize the barriers to non-compliance.

VoxSmart equips compliance departments to integrate cutting-edge regulatory solutions

Compliance departments in leading organisations from around the globe use VoxSmart’s suite of cloud-provisioned technology solutions, Mobile Capture, Communication Surveillance, and Trade Reconstruction. They benefit from state-of-the-art capabilities in real-time supervision, AI-assisted monitoring, behaviour model training, an exhaustive record of all employee activity, and device tamperproof measures.

Real-time supervision

A record of all employee communication across all channels sent to the compliance department in real time, including text, voice, videos, photos, emojis, and attachments.

AI-powered monitoring

Techniques in robotic process automation take over repetitive, time-consuming tasks and behaviour analytics technology identifies suspicious behaviour and misconduct risks.

Behaviour model training

VoxSmart technology solutions include protocols that promote compliant employee behaviour.

Secure and tamper-proof

No change to device usage, such as trying to combine two separate devices into one.

A complete record of all employee activity

One system that allows total surveillance, across trade, voice, electronic and mobile channels.

Financial Services Compliance Department

Since integrating VoxSmart Communication Surveillance, we’ve been able to automate the more repetitive tasks that we used to do ourselves, which has given us much more time to turn our focus to areas that really demand greater attention, like cases of misconduct. Being able to now capture, analyse, and view all data and data insights centrally is a huge advantage in keeping our company compliant.