While there are many consumer tools out there to record your personal calls, enterprise solutions that can record instant messages from multiple employees are harder to come by. This blog will take you through a few of the best practices to follow when recording conversations from the messaging app WhatsApp. 

Important: Recording phone calls are a regulatory requirement in some sectors such as Financial Services. Employees that are classified as a monitored user must have their communications recorded by their employer. Please check the privacy laws and regulations of your country.

 WhatsApp recording is among the critical compliance tools required due to the new way businesses are working in 2020. Since more and more employees are turning to WhatsApp to conduct business at home or on the move, firms have had to amplify their monitoring capabilities to from conventional phone calls and emails to include instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp and WeChat.


What to consider when deploying WhatsApp recording software

There are many aspects to consider when deploying new technology within an enterprise including: ease of deployment, security, and reliability. Key decisions also need to be made about how best to cover your workforce: What network are they using? Do they use a corporate device or BYOD? Here are some of the questions to think about before deploying WhatsApp compliance solution:


How do I want to deploy – Remote or On-premise?

Depending on the size of your organization and the quantity of employees you need to record and monitor, you may need to rely on a device management tool to push out a new application to lots of different company devices.

VoxSmart’s Mobile Capture solution can be deployed globally through a an EMM, MDM or UEM enterprise service or by downloading the app on Google Play Store or the Apple store. VoxSmart also offers a fully hosted Mobile Device Management system to manage and control the installation and software upgrades.


Where am I deploying – What languages do I need?

Operating a global business requires flexibility and adaptability to the different regions you work inside. From a supervisory perspective, monitoring multiple languages has become necessary requirement for international firms. VoxSmart’s Communications Surveillance technology supports over 30 languages and dialects so messages captured over WhatsApp in all the major trading languages can be ingested and transcribed for internal review.

 Also, VoxSmart operates on any network, and ensures users keep the same number when under surveillance either in their home country or roaming.


Where can I view and analyse my communications?

While recording WhatsApp messages ticks essential regulatory or auditing requirements, what happens next? With VoxSmart, you are able to see all of your communication data inside one platform. This means you can then make searches, look-up certain trades or employees and analyze what happened with a trade, when and with whom. This level of transparency provides unrivaled insights into the context around a negotiation.


Is the technology itself compliant?

While you consider recording your employees for compliance reasons, you also need to make sure your 3rd party suppliers are adhering to the terms and conditions of the channels they are recording for you. Companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Facebook have strict Terms of Service which, if breached, may put your firm at risk of non-compliance. 

VoxSmart offers mobile voice recording in 65 countries worldwide and is compatible with any network provider to bring cost-effective call recording wherever your employees choose to do business.


WhatsApp is only half the conversation…

Did you know that a typical trader can use up to 6 communication platforms to close a trade?

To gain complete oversight of the trading life-cycle you need to consider how you are recording and surveilling other communication channels such as phone calls, emails and other instant message platforms your traders may be using and monitor these channels alongside each other.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how VoxSmart can help your firm capture all its mobile communications in a safe and compliant way, get in touch for a demo today.