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Surveillance in 20/20.

We've just made some big steps in consolidating the RegTech landscape by providing the most comprehensive communication surveillance platform for Capital Markets.

The acquisition

Fonetic, the leading software provider of voice surveillance and trade reconstruction for the financial trading sector has been acquired by VoxSmart, global leader in mobile surveillance technology, to create the next generation of compliance and surveillance technology.

VSmart for Android - google - blackberry - samsung

The technology

Voice Intelligence

Go beyond capture.

Use Natural Language Processing and Machine learning to discover hidden risk and understand your users.

eComms & vComms Capture

Total visibility across every channel.

Gain total visibility across every channel by monitoring vComms and eComms in one single platform. Trace negotiations, manage alerts, and speed up surveillance.

Trade Reconstruction

Every detail for every trade.

Award-winning technology that breaks information silos once and for all. Connect each trade to their communications and view the calls, chats, emails, employees and alerts for every trade.

Want to see your communications in 20/20?

With over 100 global clients including RBC and BAML, VoxSmart is uniquely positioned to leverage Fonetic's leading surveillance product suite and offer the most comprehensive communication surveillance platform to our clients.

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