Electorates around the world are increasingly demanding greater transparency in governmental decision-making and processes concerning individual politician and civil servant activity.

Government compliance technology can drive such transparency, generating a number of important outcomes:

  • Countering the threat that fake news represents
  • Strengthen trust in democratic institutions
  • Help ensure procedural integrity, like during elections
  • Act as a deterrent against corruption and misconduct

In effect, transparency of governmental processes and activity boosts the relationship between the elected and the electorate as it acts as a powerful way to hold policymakers to account.

Standardising efficient, compliant communication at all levels of government.

The use of chat apps to carry out public office duty is proliferating. After all, they offer a fast, easy way to communicate, whether via text or voice, and users can also send attachments, all directly from their mobile phones. Moreover, they are free to download and use.

Their use does come with important implications for governments though. It is considerably more difficult to ensure full regulatory compliance among government officials or civil servants when they are using non-traditional communication methods, like WhatsApp or Telegram. With the diversification away from channels like email and landline phones, so too must regulatory compliance reflect such change.
Crucially for governments at local, regional and national levels, there is a higher risk of data breaches or misconduct scandals without being able to ensure full compliance with laws like the United States’ Freedom of Information Act and the Government in the Sunshine Law. 

VoxSmart for transparent government communication.

Mobile Capture


Mobile Capture by VoxSmart equips government departments to instantly record all types of communication via chat apps like WhatsApp. It enables the capture of conversations across government in real time and secure storage for reference at a later date. 

Mobile Capture is designed to work in perfect synergy with VoxSmart Communication Surveillance, which uses advanced AI and machine learning technology to monitor and analyse employee communication and behaviour across all channels. Together, Mobile Capture and Communication Surveillance provide governments with an end-to-end, cloud-provisioned solution to maximise compliance performance while enabling optimal mobile communication for government workers.


“At the municipal level, we’ve been able to really embrace mobile communication amongst our workforce because of VoxSmart Mobile Capture. It’s equipped us to implement a rigorous surveillance and smart data capture and analysis system, so compliance is now more efficient and robust than ever before and the workforce is free to use their channel of choice to talk to each other and share information. We’re also now able to demonstrate greater levels of local government transparency to our city’s residents”

Municipal city hall.
// VoxSmart Client