Part two of VoxSmart’s Graduate Blog Series and what better way to continue the series than from the perspective of recent female graduate working within the industry! Natalia Madrueño Sierro has been part of the team here at VoxSmart since October 2021, having completed her Master’s Degree in Data Science in September (and currently in the process of completing her 2nd in Decision Intelligence Engineering!).  

Women, unfortunately, in the field of AI remain sparse on the ground with a 2020 World Economic Forum report finding them to make up only 26 percent of data and AI positions in the workforce. A stark disparity.  

Find out more about more about Natalia and her VoxSmart journey so far below  

Name: Natalia Madrueño Sierro 

Age: 24 

Degree: Math and Software Engineering 

Role: AI Engineer 

Tell us about your role as part of the team at VoxSmart 

I am currently working in the Speech & AI Team. So there’s a lot of data science projects on the go!  

What do you enjoy most about working at VoxSmart? 

It’s great to work with such awesome and friendly teammates. Everyday there’s something new to be learned so it’s rarely boring!  

What did you find the most challenging on entry into your role? 

I think with any job getting to know the company and how things are done is a challenge, but it’s normal. Everyone is very friendly and accommodating so it makes the process a lot easier.  

How has VoxSmart supported your personal development so far? 

Like I previously mentioned there’s new things to be learned every day at VoxSmart, so in that sense learning and personal development are very much encouraged throughout the company.  

Why did you choose to start your career with VoxSmart and what would be your advice to someone considering applying for a role? 

I had heard good things about VoxSmart from a colleague at another company, so it really stood out for me. There’s some really exciting technology and opportunities to explore different areas of data science and AI, so it’s a company very much at the cutting-edge of innovation.  

My advice, at least from the perspective of my role, I would be that you have to have a thirst for knowledge, from every aspect of Data Science (from pure software engineering to pure mathematics). In that way there’s a lot of diversity in the work that I do daily.  

What do most look forward to as part of the role? 

Developing awesome Data Science projects to enhance the overall VoxSmart product offering!  

What is life like at VoxSmart? 

The company culture here at VoxSmart is great! Everyone is really friendly and even on the busiest of days you have that support network so there’s that team spirit.  

Sum up your experience so far in three words. 

Great work environment. 


VoxSmart are proud to be an equal rights employer, who support and encourage employees to grow and develop with the company. It is great to have Natalia onboard the AI team here at VoxSmart and we wish her continued success in the role.  

VoxSmart are always looking for new talent to join our team, taking our vision to the next level. Check out our available positions here! 

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