Entering into the workforce as a recent graduate can be a daunting experience. Although the work has been put in, in achieving a degree – there still remains so many unknowns. At VoxSmart we understand this and that no individual is the finished product in terms of employment, regardless of their tenure. Growth and development are constant and therefore we place key precedence on learning, encouraging employees to expand their skillset and knowledge – growing as the company grows. 

 Check out what one of our graduate employees, Calum, has to say below! 

Name:  Calum Douglas 

Age:  24 

Degree:  History and Law 

Role: Commercial Analyst 

Tell us about your role as part of the team at VoxSmart 

My role requires me to work across the company. This includes commercial tasks such as negotiating insurance policies, managing renewals of customer contracts and data protection agreements. I also work in a team as a functional analyst delivering trade reconstruction software to a Tier 1 Bank. This is primarily client facing work which requires lots of different hats. I also dabble in a bit of pre-sales. Although this specific job didn’t come naturally to me at first, I feel it really allowed me to sharpen my presentation skills, albeit primarily on Zoom! 

What do you enjoy most about working at VoxSmart? 

I suppose the best thing about working at VoxSmart is the diversity of work. There is always work that you can pick up from anywhere in the business. People are easy to get hold of too, if you have a question for senior management, you just message them on Teams. The office is next to Borough Market too! 

What did you find the most challenging on entry into your role? 

Initially I found the basics most challenging. Proper data analysis on Excel and getting a grip of track changes on a legal doc. I’m also slightly embarrassed how late I was in learning that you can delete historic messages on an email chain! 

Recently the challenge is knowing my work is often important to a given project. And doing a bad job will likely end in bad results and impact the work of others. However, I would choose meaningful work over pointless tasks any day! 

How has VoxSmart supported your personal development so far? 

Freedom to try lots of things. Regular check-ins from my boss, acceptance that making something is better than nothing, and perfecting things over time. 

The freedom to try a bunch of different things has been instrumental to my personal development. I’ve been supported in this by the fact I’ve been allowed such freedoms. I’m also surrounded by people who are always excited to bring me up to speed. 

Why did you choose to start your career with VoxSmart and what would be your advice to someone considering applying for a role? 

 I had recently finished a qualification in legal avenues in installing stability post financial crash. This led to regulatory law, which then shifted to Reg-tech. I also went on Crunchbase and noticed VoxSmart was scaling particularly quickly.  

My advice would be to reach out on LinkedIn and ask questions! Do some research too into the company and the market also.  

What do most look forward to as part of the role? 

I’m pretty excited to know what the company will look like in 3 months, let alone a year. The new tech and new faces make VoxSmart a great place to work.  

What is life like at VoxSmart? 

Depends on the day! Which I suppose is because we still hold on to those “startupy” characteristics which make it a fun place to be.  

The 10-person delivery team I work in encapsulates the multicultural and global nature of VoxSmart. We have members from the US, Canada, UK, Spain, India, Australia and New Zealand working on one project. This sort of diversity keeps it fun! 

Sum up your experience so far in three words. 

Global. Exciting. Rewarding. 


VoxSmart are always looking for new talent to join our team, taking our vision to the next level. Check out our available positions here!  

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