Part four of our Graduate Blog Series – Meet Fiona who forms part of our marketing team! Having completed her Master’s Degree in Marketing in September, she joined our Madrid office in October. She talks through her experience joining the team at VoxSmart and about how she is settling into the role! Check out what she has to say below ↓ 

Name: Fiona Horan 

Age: 25 

Degree: MSc Marketing  

Role: Marketing Executive 

Tell us about your role as part of the team at VoxSmart 

So I form part of the Marketing Team here at VoxSmart, its quite a small department but there’s a lot of collaboration between the departments so lots to learn and do! Between events, white papers and other marketing collateral there’s plenty to fill my day, but the last few months have been great – building up some experience and confidence in the role! 

What do you enjoy most about working at VoxSmart? 

I enjoy the comradery and collaboration between each department. It is very much a team effort, and everyone has a role to play. Individual input and ideas are very much well received and encouraged which is very refreshing in a company. Recent graduates are just as welcome to share their ideas and contribute to the discussion!  

I also love the multicultural element of the company. So many great people from all over the globe working together, albeit on slightly different clocks!   

What did you find the most challenging on entry into your role? 

Having completed my undergraduate degree in languages and pursued a Masters in Marketing on entry into the role I had limited knowledge on the financial service industry. Therefore, I was slightly nervous entering into the role, but this feeling was short lived as I quickly received in-depth training from industry professionals on all things capital markets!  

As my first official form of employment having just recently completed my MSc degree of course there was some nerves entering the role, however I was immediately put at ease by such a welcoming team!  

How has VoxSmart supported your personal development so far? 

There is a lot of scope for both personal and professional development within the company. VoxSmart definitely put a lot of emphasis on learning as you go and gaining practical, hands-on experience which is great! As a person who takes more from this form of learning I really value this approach. 

Why did you choose to start your career with VoxSmart and what would be your advice to someone considering applying for a role? 

I spent the last few weeks of my degree searching for graduate opportunities, however many despite being advertise as graduate role sought years of experience which to me just didn’t add up. From the interview stage I could tell that the company valued my degree experience and assessed me based off my capabilities noted from the assessment test.  

My advice would be to gather as much information about the company, and don’t be afraid to reach out by email or LinkedIn to get a better sense of the company. I´ve learned that there are no stupid questions and value can be taken from each.  

What are you most looking forward to as part of the role? 

There’s some very exciting projects in the pipeline which I am very much looking forwards to sinking my teeth into. It´s a great time to be getting involved with VoxSmart as it continues to grow and expand so lots of opportunities to learn in the coming months. 

What is life like at VoxSmart? 

Busy but enjoyable! There´s always something to do, but it´s a great team to be a part of. There´s such a pool of talent with years of combined experience who are so giving with their time should you need help with anything.  

Sum up your experience so far in three words. 

Collaborative, Innovative, Interesting  


At VoxSmart we understand that entering into the work force can be daunting, we seek to help our graduates learn and develop into their roles with the help of leading industry professionals. Grow with us!  

VoxSmart are always looking for new talent to join our team, taking out vision to the next level. We are currently recruiting for a number of positions, check them out here! 

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