Switching things up with our latest instalment of our graduate series, we bring you our intern edition! Meet Ella who joins us this summer as part of our Marketing team. Ella is a current student of Mathematics at the University of Liverpool! 

The boba tea connoisseur has been an active member of the marketing team for the last two months and has dived into every project with the same enthusiasm and drive! See what she has to say about her experience with VoxSmart below ↓   

Name: Ella Hardiman 

Age:  19 

Degree: Mathematics 

Role: Business Intern 

Tell us about your role as part of the team at VoxSmart 

I work in the marketing department here at VoxSmart, with the majority of what I do being pitching in on other people’s projects to help them move along a bit quicker. I tend to focus on internal correspondence in these projects, mainly when multiple teams are collaborating on something, which means I get to meet pretty much everyone! 

I’m also working on an individual projects that lasts me most of the summer, something to build on that is a bit more creative focused such as generating blogs, social posts and interviews. This year, I’ve been working on inhouse communications, building a couple of different resources to allow all our teams to convey information to each other accurately and easily.  

What do you enjoy most about working at VoxSmart? 

It’s hard to pick just one thing. I love getting to feel like you’re making a difference; since VoxSmart is growing so rapidly, we’re constantly entering new territory, needing to create resources for new verticals in different regions. You’re not just remaking old material; you’re getting to create new material.  

I also really like the hybrid working; having the freedom to vary your workspace is great for productivity and mental health. But if I had to pick a favourite, it would have to be the team! The whole marketing team gets on great, and our morning meetings end up being personal catchups as well as debriefs. It’s great when you’ve got everyone in one place as well since our team are slightly divided geographically. And it’s not just the marketing team; the people in sales, accounts, IT, product, HR, you get to meet everyone (and they’re all great!). Team lunches and company socials keeps everyone in touch and builds great work relations. 

What did you find the most challenging on entry into your role? 

There was definitely an adjustment period when I first joined. Switching from 4 hours of classes a day at random intervals and weekends full of homework to a more consistent, traditional working structure combined with hybrid working took a second to get used to. There was also a bit of relearning regarding how the work is more self-motivated. That being said, now that I am used to it, it’s one of my favourite parts about working here as it gives you the freedom to be much more creative. 

How has VoxSmart supported your personal development so far? 

As a part of the marketing team training, I got to attend GROW London 2022. Various sessions and discussions were held discussing the future of customer privacy, sustainable company growth and tech trends. The whole event really solidified my understanding of the range of things you can do with marketing, and how it applies to almost any business-based scenario. 

I’ve also been invited to attend various meetings and calls not related to my internship to try and get a better grasp of the company and the market it’s in. I feel like that extra level of learning has really helped me to develop both my understanding of VoxSmart, and RegTech as whole. 

Would you recommend fellow students to partake in future VoxSmart summer internships? 

Definitely. It’s really great, there’s always something to work on that’s both challenging and engaging. You get to meet so many different people across departments, and the company culture is great. Hybrid working is a rare find for an intern, and I definitely appreciate it. There’s so many positives about working here, I would 100% recommend the experience to other students. 

What do most look forward to in the coming weeks at VoxSmart? 

There are a couple of projects that should be coming to a close soon, so I’m looking forward to seeing the end result of the teams’ efforts. We also were joined by our new CMO recently so I’m looking froward to working with her and seeing what she has planned for the future, there’s a lot of positive change to come!  

What is life like at VoxSmart? 

It’s definitely exciting! VoxSmart is still a young company which means change is frequent and new people are always joining. It’s quite busy but in a good way – there’s always something to do. Working as part of a global team is really interesting, you get to meet people from such different walks of life and cultures!  

Sum up your experience so far in three words. 

Challenging, Engaging, Wide-ranging. 


VoxSmart are proud champions of learning and development across all levels of tenure, striving to provide employees with the tools and resources needed to grow and flourish within the company. We are delighted to have Ella on board and see the great work which she is carrying out daily.  

If you are interested in a career with VoxSmart why not check out our current availabilities here! 

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