Protect your mobile workforce.

Communicate with clients over mobile safe in the knowledge that your communications are fully recorded and accounted for.

Record all mobile communications, anytime, anywhere.

Legal professionals are increasingly using mobile to directly communicate with clients. 

As many firms adjust to alternative means of working, legal teams need to take responsibility for all mobile communications to ensure client data remains confidential and protected.

Don’t restrict WhatsApp, enable it!

Many firms choose to ban WhatsApp and other mobile channels due to privacy concerns, and compliance with SRA Code of Conduct.

VoxSmart Mobile Capture enables employees to communicate securely with your global client base over mobile, while ensuring compliance standards are achieved.

Unlock the full potential of your mobile-led workforce.

Track billable hours

Start monitoring the conversations your employees are having with clients over mobile. With VoxSmart, firms can easily account for the time spent engaging with clients.

With increased visibly over mobile communication data, firms can fully account for hours worked and log real-time communications as billable hours on a timesheet.

Resolve Disputes

In the event of a dispute, having a clear audit trail of your calls, SMS and instant messages is critical. Monitor the conversations your employees are having with clients, safe in the knowledge that your communications data will always be accounted for.

With best-in-class cloud storage by Amazon Web Services, all data is securely stored and made readily available for retrieval.

Adopt modern workflows, eliminate risk, and increase revenue.


VoxSmart proudly supports leading legal institutions in their transition to mobile-led working.

With more employees adapting to flexible working environments, it is essential that firms adjust their strategy to accommodate for this modern approach to working. By implementing mobile recording technology, employees can carry on with business as usual while maintaining the expected level of data security and compliance standards.


“We’ve been able to reduce our risk when engaging with clients remotely and increase our revenue by integrating VoxSmart’s Mobile Capture across our global team. Because their solution is cloud-based, we don’t have to worry about on-premise maintenance and have complete confidence in the security of our clients data.”

London-based law firm.
// VoxSmart Client

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