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Mobile Capture for Android & iOS.

Voice & SMS

Tried, tested and trusted worldwide mobile compliance technology that gives your workforce a voice.

Any device, any network.

The ultimate mobile capture solution.

Whether Android or iOS, your clients are only a call or text away.

Experience state-of-the-art capture technology and empower your workforce to communicate and transact with their customers using mobile, safe in the knowledge that all recordings are accounted for, crystal clear, uninterrupted and comply with global regulations.

For performance.

Introducing the pinnacle of mobile voice recording. VoxSmart Mobile Capture is the ultimate solution for achieving compliance and gaining the competitive edge.

Android iOS
Any Network
WhatsApp & Wechat
Always On On demand
Global deployment
IM Capture for Android & iOS.

Built for finance, tuned for performance.

Regulations can't slow you down when you're in the fast lane.

Don't settle for second place. Our Mobile Capture solution equips your workforce with the high-performance compliance tools required to overtake your competition.

Mobile Voice Capture for Android.

Voice is your greatest asset

Introducing the smarter way to capture voice.

Globally Available

Deploy globally, roam freely and never miss a call again thanks to Global Roaming Assurance, which connects calls using mobile data should the signal ever drop.

Always On

Our technology embeds natively into the operating system of the device meaning it cannot be removed or tampered with in any way, ensuring compliance at all times.

Any network, any sim

Our technology is not network or SIM dependent, therefore, you can choose a network that’s best for your employees and business location.

Smart Notifications

Bad reception or no data? No problem. Should your employee's device become inactive or no longer compliant they will be notified.

Mobile Voicemail for Android.

Voicemail, quite literally.

Redefined for the 21st Century - It's about time Voicemail got an upgrade.


Voicemails are captured in real-time and delivered directly to the recipient via SMS or email.

Easy retrieval

Listen to your voicemails at a time that’s convenient, while enjoying familiar playback controls like fast forward, rewind and pause.


Your voicemails are available for retrieval, playback and download in mp3 format.

Mobile SMS Capture for Android.

SMS - The most valuable 160 characters you'll need to capture.

Enable your workforce to communicate with clients using SMS.

Turn SMS into value

We automatically index and provide advanced text search to help your business turn SMS text messages into actionable business intelligence and proof of evidence.

Zero data loss

Like social media, SMS conversations tend to result in rapid-fire two-way communication that’s particularly susceptible to data loss. Rest assured, every message is captured and archived even if a user deletes it.

Support for multiple networks

Our robust and reliable solution captures all SMS communications sent or received. Never miss a message again.

If you want the competitive edge, get connected.

We proudly work alongside leading financial institutions who have prioritised communication surveillance at the heart of their compliance strategies.

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