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Instant Message capture for Android & iOS.

WhatsApp &
WeChat Capture

Ensure compliance and get the competitive edge, avoid the fines and connect to over 2 billion potential customers

Hey WhatsApp, can WeChat...?

Instant Messages, instantly captured.

Ensure compliance while accessing global markets from your fingertips.

Join leading financial institutions across the globe who are doing business over WhatsApp and WeChat. Equip your workforce with the tools required to access emerging markets, connect with new customers and increase revenue opportunities, all while avoiding the fines.


The no.1 chat app in the world.

With over 2 billion users and counting, it's no surprise that WhatsApp usage in Financial Markets is growing drastically. We believe that consumer channels shouldnt' be restricted if everyone's using them.


Your direct line to APAC.

With over 1 billion users in APAC alone, protect your business while accessing new revenue opportunities by connecting to one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.


& Desktop
One to One Chats
Group Chats
Emojis & Broadcasts etc.
WhatsApp and WeChat Capture for Android & iOS.

One tick, blue ticks, compliant... tick.

Compliant WhatsApp and WeChat capture, available on any network.

Instant Capture

All WhatsApp communications are captured in real-time, ensuring that everything is accounted for, even if users delete messages after they’ve been sent.

Participate in group chats

There’s no change to our capturing capability when participating in group chats. Message up to 256 contacts at once at the touch of a button. All messages are captured instantly and made available for retrieval.

Rich media, attachments and more

Our tried, tested and trusted technology is equipped to capture and process, images, video, voice, attachments and even voice clips instantly.

No change to user behaviour

Our technology embeds into the operating system of the device, meaning it’s completely tamperproof with no change to user behaviour.

Desktop compliance

WhatsApp Desktop Capture

Transition between your phone and your desktop with WhatsApp desktop capture. Get instant access to global markets and millions of users right from your desktop.

WhatsApp on your desktop

Whether you’re out of office or on the move, you can transition seamlessly between your phone and desktop whilst remaining compliant.


Need to step away from your desk? Should your device become disconnected, users are notified as soon as they are no longer compliant.

Never miss a message

Both mobile and desktop versions are built using our award-winning proprietary technology meaning you'll never miss a message again.

The rise of WhatsApp & WeChat

The most heavily used is also the most abused.


The most popular mobile app worldwide.

2 billion

Active users around the world

65 billion

Messages are sent daily

3 million

Companies are using WhatsApp business


Your direct line to APAC. Here's our Tencents...

1.8 billion

Active monthly users around the world

55 billion

Messages are sent daily

440 million

Audio and video calls madedaily

If you want the competitive edge, get connected.

We proudly work alongside leading financial institutions who have prioritised communication surveillance at the heart of their compliance strategies.

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