Operations Departments.


Speed and efficiency are top of mind for operations teams while realising their duties in full.

Common ongoing objectives are to optimize client negotiations and minimise costs but they must also ensure that their department remains fully compliant at all times.

In hybrid work environments, achieving these goals becomes more complex and requires new solutions.

Optimal hybrid team workflow and client communication in a fully compliant environment.

The key for operations teams is to be able to focus on what is of value to them in the moment in support of their departmental goals. With teams split between the office and remote work though, employee management requires a means of monitoring all employees for performance and adherence to compliance standards.

Key challenges to address include the following:

  • Global oversight of hybrid teams
  • Surveillance data management
  • Conduct and risk analysis
  • Cost optimisation
  • Balancing operational efficiency with full compliance

Hybrid working has been made a reality across the world thanks to advances in technology, which makes remote work possible. Technology designed specifically for on-premise regulatory compliance is not made for remote worker surveillance.

To position themselves for hybrid team performance maximisation while being fully compliant, purpose-built technology that extends full surveillance capabilities to remote workers can provide the solution.

VoxSmart for operations departments

Either as standalone platforms or operating as one end-to-end surveillance SaaS suite, VoxSmart’s award-winning technology solutions enable operations teams to run smoothly while making full compliance as efficiently as possible.

Third-party software integration

Provides frictionless access to alerts and data from other monitoring platforms such as trade surveillance, market surveillance or anti-money laundering systems.

One platform for trade, voice, electronic, and mobile surveillance

A single sign-on platform where users can monitor all trade and electronic communications data and gain end-to-end insight into the trading lifecycle and employee activity.

Communication surveillance flexible archiving

Facilitates easy communications data storage with VoxSmart or via sending to third party archiving service providers.

AI-powered monitoring 

Techniques in robotic process automation take over repetitive, time-consuming tasks and behaviour analytics technology identifies suspicious behaviour and misconduct risks.

Mobile capture supervision in real time

Real-time, omnichannel data capture for all types of communication including voice, voicemail, SMS, and all kinds of message and media sent on WhatsApp, WhatsApp on desktops, WeChat, Telegram, Teams, and Signal.

Native user behaviour surveillance

VoxSmart Mobile Capture embeds into mobile handsets. Once installed it doesn’t change how employees use their phones or applications. This enables uninterrupted use of third party applications like WhatsApp and Telegram, and all standard phone functions like SMS text messages or phone calls.

Pharmaceutical Operations Department Director

We integrated VoxSmart Mobile Capture to have a full, detailed overview of our team when they’re working away from the office. It was a fast installation and it’s made transitioning to a hybrid team setup far more straightforward than we thought it would be. It doesn’t matter where our employees work from. With Mobile Capture, we have full oversight of our team and we’re fully compliant.