Since the global shift to remote and now hybrid office environments, pharmaceutical organisations have had to adapt how they implement and supervise regulatory compliance procedures.

Remote working removes or reduces visibility, which increases risk so it’s critical for organisations to monitor and record all channels that sales employees use to commuicate on a daily basis. These channels now extend to mobile, including chat apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. This will reduce the risk of malpractice, misselling and bribery.

With the right technology integrations and approach, pharmaceutical compliance can be comprehensive and efficient while also enabling the client relationship and business development processes to be mobile-ready and smooth.

Mobile communication compliance risks for pharmaceuticals.


Compliance in the pharma industry is changing because of the rise of mobile use both for client communication and hybrid working environments across in-office and remote settings. Chief issues for pharmaceuticals to prevent are:


The act of misleading a customer in order to complete a sale.

Off-label marketing   

Promoting pharmaceutical products for a purpose for which it has not been legally approved.

Non-compliance with the Physician Payments Sunshine Act 

Full, transparent reporting of payment and other “transfers of value” between healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies.

Referral kickbacks

The improper practice of paying or soliciting cash or anything else of value in return for referring a patient or promoting a health care product or service.

Tracking remote employee work 

It is clear when an employee is absent without leave in an office, but in a remote setting, it can be far more difficult to identify when this occurs. This is especially the case as workers can use their mobile phones to appear online and at work.

VoxSmart enables pharmaceuticals to perform seamless omnichannel surveillance.


Whether traditional in-office communication or mobile channels, VoxSmart equips pharmaceutical organisations to comply efficiently with all pertinent regulatory requirements while also offsetting misconduct risks. Chief among these are organisational, compliance, behavioural, welfare, and reputational risks.

Communication Surveillance.

Communication Surveillance uses advanced AI and machine learning technology to monitor and analyse employee communication and highlight suspicious behaviour.

Together, Mobile Capture and Communication Surveillance provide pharmaceutical organisations with an end-to-end, cloud-provisioned solution to maximise compliance performance while enabling optimal communication means for client-facing employees.

Mobile Capture.

With VoxSmart Mobile Capture, pharmaceutical organisations can record, monitor, and analyse every single employee conversation, including text, emojis, attachments, videos, images, and voice via mobile, be they calls or conversations through apps like WhatsApp.  This provides a robust platform to guarantee sales transparency and adhere strictly to regulatory requirements.


“We were eager to get up to speed compliance-wise fast with the sudden switch to remote work, which is why we turned to VoxSmart’s Mobile Capture. It really helped us to hit the ground running and allows us to be fully compliant while allowing our sales teams to communicate however they prefer with healthcare providers”

Pharmaceutical organisation.
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