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WhatsApp and WeChat capture.

Capture WhatsApp and WeChat communications, on any network, anywhere in the world, whilst ensuring compliance. Only available on Android.

VSmart for WhatsApp and WeChat recording
WhatsApp and WeChat recording

Instant messages, instantly captured.

Communicate with your clients over WhatsApp and WeChat.

VSmart™ captures your instant messenger communications in real-time and accounts for every message sent and received.

WhatsApp and WeChat recording

Looking for mobile voice recording for iPhone?

VSmart™ Voice and Voicemail recording is now available for iOS.


Real-time capture

All WhatsApp and WeChat communications are captured instantly in real-time, ensuring that messages are accounted for, even if they are deleted after being sent.

Participate in group chats.

There is no change to VSmart’s capturing capability when participating in group chats. All messages are captured instantly and made available in real-time.

Share images and videos.

VSmart™ captures images or videos sent over WhatsApp or WeChat. All media is made availble for retrieval and download from the VSmart™ Surveillance Portal.

Send and receive attachments.

VSmart™ captures all attachments that are sent and received ensuring all files are accounted for, not only the message.

Audio clip recordings.

Voice notes sent and received between devices are captured and made available for download in .MP3 format from the VSmart™ Surveillance Portal.


WhatsApp desktop capture.

Transition between your phone and your desktop with WhatsApp Web. VSmart™ captures and stores your communications from both devices.

To find out more please see our WhatsApp WebCap™ overview.


Here's what our customers and colleagues say about VSmart™.

Tier 1 Bank, Canada
Using VSmart™ allows us to deploy one solution across the globe regardless of the regulatory requirements in each region. For a bank our size, that’s incredibly powerful.
Tier 1 Bank, APAC
We are losing out on business by not being able to use WeChat on mobile in a compliant way. The possibility of capturing WeChat through VSmart™ is a game-changer for us.
Adrienne Muir - COO, VoxSmart
At VoxSmart we are the leading authority in Mobile Communication Capture. Our People are innovative and technically driven by a passion to deliver world class software and service, to digitally transform the way Financial Markets utilise their mobile phones.

Where are your recordings stored?

All communications are made available in real time for playback, retrieval and download via the VSmart™ Surveillance Portal.