Streamline your company’s surveillance technology

Our range of surveillance products provide a consolidated view of your communications, enabling you to enhance regulatory compliance, manage conduct risk and gather nuanced intel for better business decisions.

Explore all VoxSmart surveillance solutions

Mobile Capture

Instant capture and archiving for calls, SMS and instant messaging.

Communications Surveillance

Analyse and investigate employee behaviour in full context.

Trade Reconstruction

Reconcile trading negotiations, customer compliants and more in minutes.

Natural Language Processing

Identify and unlock insights from your conversational data.

Smarter insights into your communications data in one platform

Available with any VoxSmart product, our industry leading surveillance solution gives you access to view and interrogate communication data from across your business to address all your surveillance needs.

Data at your fingertips in real time

Ingest and analyse data feeds from across your business with no delays.

Streamlined task management

Optimise how you review and respond to alerts and investigations.

Customise your compliance experience

Create views and workflows to suit key user roles and security levels.

  • MiFID II and Dodd-Frank voice recording
  • Swap dealer trade reconstruction
  • Compliance in hybrid working environments
  • Conduct surveillance
  • Artificial Intelligence in compliance
  • Data & analytics for the front office
We also provide solutions for other regulated organisations such as law or pharmaceutical firms, among others.

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VoxSmart is a pioneering RegTech to transform the way regulated organisations see and use their communication data. Global companies both large and small use VoxSmart Capture and Surveillance technology to effectively manage their global risk and compliance requirements.


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