Information Technology Departments.


Modern-day IT departments manage complex technology infrastructure with data stored across different siloes.

Security is of paramount importance to IT departments and anything that presents a potential security risk becomes an immediate concern. Remote and hybrid working environments tend to fall into this risk category.

The rise of remote work presents a new set of pressing challenges for IT departments. It is advanced technology that has made the global transition to remote work possible. It is also only through capabilities that advanced technology make possible that IT departments can meet these new challenges. Moreover, the right technology solution can actually reduce operational costs.

Embracing all-new, end-to-end, compliance capabilities.

The new working world in which employees are off-site requires adaptation from the IT department to address different challenges.

Vendor consolidation

Remote and hybrid office environments add a layer of complexity to managing external vendors, which is already a challenging task for organisations. Technology that can facilitate efficient vendor data access and data management while simultaneously supporting third party risk control can help organisations to achieve optimal vendor consolidation.


IT departments often have to face difficulties to do with data transfer and siloes. With surveillance systems that automate relevant data transfer and are constantly communicating with each other, IT departments are able to build a much more detailed, precise, and timely picture of their organisation.

Shadow IT and devise ownership

Personal employee mobile phone or tablet use for work-related tasks, including communication via unregulated chat apps like WhatsApp raises issues to do with data breaches and other security threats for IT departments.

VoxSmart for IT departments.

Integration of VoxSmart’s award-winning SaaS technology tools provides the necessary support that IT departments need to adapt to the challenges that hybrid working environments present. VoxSmart delivers practical solutions to IT departments.

Third-party software integration

Provides frictionless access to alerts and data from other monitoring platforms such as trade surveillance, market surveillance or anti-money laundering systems.

A.I-powered monitoring

Enables full management of policies and false-positive alert reduction via pre-trained activity scenarios and semantic search functionality.

Mobile capture quick deployment

IT departments can choose to deploy using any EMM, MDM or UEM systems for remote users around the globe. They are downloadable via the Google Play Store or Apple Business Manager.

Communication surveillance flexible archiving

Facilitates easy communications data storage with VoxSmart or via sending to third party archiving service providers.

An all-in-one system for trade, voice, electronic and mobile surveillance.

A single sign-on platform where users can monitor all trade and electronic communications data and gain end-to-end insight into the trading lifecycle and employee activity.

Legal Practice IT Department

Much of our workforce is very mobile device-dependent. They communicate via mobile, send and receive all sorts of attachments, and discuss data-sensitive information. This is why we needed to transition to a really robust, very flexible tech environment. Integration with VoxSmart has provided this, allowing us to provide the same sort of IT support to all employees wherever they are, be it at one of our offices or working remotely, on any device, and at any time.