Telegram Capture

Tap into new opportunities and communicate with confidence on Telegram instant messenger.

Keep the new era of messaging compliant for business.

Capture messages, images, files and more from your Telegram account.

  • Available globally
  • for Android & iOS
  • Cloud Storage as standard

Capture and store all business conversations in real time.

Our solution works seamlessly in the background to give you complete compliance coverage. Communicate over any device where you use Telegram and capture every conversation securely in the cloud.

Real-time capture

Instantly capture messages, documents, videos and rich media (Attachments and images) from group chats or one-to-one conversations.

Any device, anywhere

Our cloud-based capture solution is compatible with any device using Telegram.

Deleted messages retrieval

Capture messages as soon as they have been sent, meaning any deleted messages are always captured and stored.

No new number needed

No need to make a new account, stay with the Telegram account you have always used for client communications.

Official telegram application

Keep your chat history and address book by always using the official Telegram app.

Easy search and retrieve

Quickly search by employee, time, or location and view messages in real time. Export to zip file or integrate with your communication surveillance system.

Enable Telegram compliance from the industry pioneers.

Proven leaders in Mobile Surveillance.

Our mobile capture products support global institutions both large and small to achieve their mobile surveillance requirements. We are constantly pioneering new features and functionality to enhance our mobile compliance offering.

Protect native user behaviour.

Experience no change to the user experience of your mobile device and minimize the risk of non-compliance. Our unique approach to mobile recording allows the use of the official Telegram application.

Are you ready to discover how Telegram Capture can transform your global compliance strategy?

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