It´s no secret that the way in which we communicate has changed over the years. From the invention of the telegram in the 1840´s, to the telephone, to the wonders of the smartphone and roaring success of WhatsApp – it´s evident to see the evolution of communication channels, opening a realm of possibilities for trade and transaction. 

Here at VoxSmart we are big on communication considering it spans every facet of our internal and external framework – uniting employeesstrengthening resolve, and safeguarding industries from the undesirable consequences of non-compliance. Extending our commitment to open and compliant communication, this week several of our speakers took to the channels at a number of events to convey our dedication to the future of communication software.

Although the last few months have been challenging, the culture of communication here at VoxSmart has remained strong, leading with empathy and compassion as the world traversed the unchartered waters of remote working at an uncertain time. Adapting communication for an “always-on” economy we understand that certain risks emerge from this new form of working yet we equip firms with suitable technology to alleviate these concerns, providing peace of mind in what was, and remains, an unprecedent situation.   

Speaking November 2nd at Tech Nations APAC Webinar Series on talent acquisition Adrienne Muir, COO at VoxSmart, spoke of the importance of communication, and the associated obstacles to be overcome as part of an expanding global team. We have seen a shift in how we are communicating over the last year or so but it’s not impossible to continue fostering company culture virtually, or through multiple time zones. […] Adapting to new working models involves a lot of change across your organisation but it is possible to keep your company culture strong. Making sure you have the overall commitment from your team and being conscious of your people and their time zones are essential to making that happen” .

As always communication, like any other skill, can be nurtured and developed. It doesn´t just happen overnight. In order to support open, collaborative communication and work towards our company goals, staff are given a platform through global team meetings to decide, debate and deliver on objectives as a community of people.  

A foundational element to our values – Respect, Resilience, Responsibility, Collaboration and Passion – communication underpins all that we are. As the saying goes – No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it! 

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