This year has seen WhatsApp become one of the most popular communication tools for enterprises that require quick responses on a global scale. We’ve also seen increases in WhatsApp desktop usage among our clients so thought we’d dig into the reasons why with Rob Cameron-Saul, Product Manager at VoxSmart.

How do businesses use WhatsApp Web?  

 The majority of trading is done via a desktop computer. After all it is a lot more comfortable because you have all the information you need on the screens in front of you. However, with more customers communicating with their brokers over WhatsApp, we are seeing that negotiations often switch between both desktop and mobile versions of the instant messaging platform. Without a comprehensive surveillance solution to ensure the whole conversation is being recorded, firms leave themselves open to non-compliance.

This scenario is particularly prevalent in the current climate where employees are working from home or are using their mobiles a lot more alongside their laptops or desktop computers. WhatsApp isn’t a mobile only application so neither are our solutions. Our desktop app capture solution opens up another accessible way to communicate with clients as the employee can switch back and forth while remaining compliant in all settings.


How can recording the WhatsApp Desktop app messages benefit my business?

 With a WhatsApp Web Capture solution, users aren’t restricted to just using their phones. Employees have all the benefits of using a computer to type, copy and paste text from other sites and you get all the value of having a mouse and keyboard whilst still having all the features of WhatsApp, as well as easy access to your contacts, group chats.

Think about how frustrating and time-consuming it is to copy and paste text from a spreadsheet from your mobile into WhatsApp or another messaging platform. With the Desktop app its frictionless so that is what we wanted to enable for firms and their employees. This ease of use directly translates to quicker interactions, faster service and arguably happier customers! 

It’s a win / win for both client and employee.


What other solutions are on the market?

There are other solutions out there that also capture WhatsApp conversations. For example, some use WhatsApp for business to capture peer-to-business messages however, we have found this is isn’t scalable for a global business. Many of our clients have users across the globe and across different business lines, which makes sharing numbers or WhatsApp accounts difficult. You also find that brokers for example have worked for years to build up a client base and want to keep using their own phone number.

Our solution has been designed so that the employee can use their own WhatsApp application, in the same way as they have always done, but ensure those messages are captured in a compliant way.

One feature that makes our solution different is that we are able to push users towards a compliant way to use WhatsApp Web. For example, we can block access to non-compliant web sessions. The feedback from our clients has been that this is a useful tool to combat non-compliance of their company policies and regulations.


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