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Crystal clear compliance administration.


Where big data meets our intuitive UI, providing you with greater insight into your employees' communications and transactions.

Introducing VUI.

Your window into user behaviour

Our intuitive UI makes analysing conversations and reporting simple.

Armed with our advanced communications surveillance portal, administrators and compliance teams can dive deeper into their organisation’s data, reconstruct trades and produce on demand reports for regulators.

Communication Surveillance.

Realise the power of surveillance.

It's time to start operating smarter. Save valuable time, money and resource reconstructing trades while realising the value contained within.

Single pane view

Guarantee 100% connection and analysis across eComms and voice, including mobile and fixed line audio as well as audio attachments, WhatsApp, WeChat and SMS messages.

Advanced search

Optimise your approach to surveillance by analysing call and email content alongside the conversation’s context, giving you more relevant results and higher accuracy.

Investigate faster

Quickly identify and investigate relevant information and all their related comms, trades and counterparties.

Proactive surveillance

Supervise and control more effectively by using voice surveillance technology designed to handle low quality audio and trader terminology.

Desktop compliance

Features & benefits

Conversation view

Investigate individual contacts to further explore user behaviour. Reconstruct trades, analyse conversations in detail, and download data at the click of a button.

Activity view

At a glance, gain valuable information like location, communication type, name, timestamp and a conversation preview.

Communication Analysis

VUI brings user communications together in one place allowing the administrator to effectively extract data, build insights, and form reports.

Download captured data

Recorded communications are made available in real-time ready for retrieval and download.


Map the digital footprints of your workforce to see their location, timestamp, recipient name, and communication channel.

24/7 live support

Our team are on hand 24/7 to provide support when you need it most, wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Mobile Capture for Android.

Cloud-hosted or On-premise?

The choice is yours.


Enterprise-grade storage from AWS

Our industry-leading cloud storage technology courtesy of Amazon Web Services ensures that our customers’ data is always secure and protected.


Seamless, secure on-site storage

Our technology integrates seamlessly with your existing on-premise storage solution, meaning all your communications are where you want them, how you want them.

Surveillance in 20/20.

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