VoxSmart was recently featured in Markets Media in an article written by Shanny Basar discussing the increase in need for surveillance technology across the Capital Markets. 

“VoxSmart, the UK fintech for communications surveillance, has been boosted by the need to monitor the increasing number of capital markets personnel who have been forced to work from home. Oliver Blower, group chief executive of VoxSmart, told Markets Media that contingency plans usually expected staff to go work at another remote site. However, the coronavirus lockdown has meant that staff have instead been required to work from home, but firms still need to monitor their communications for regulatory purposes.”


For the full article go to the Markets Media website.


With more and more employees working from home, technology that enables compliant conversations between workers and their customers will become ever more prevalent and RegTech solutions will be able to help regulated firms and employees maintain business as usual, from the safety of their own homes. 

For more information on how we can significantly reduce operational costs and effectively mitigate conduct risks through automated surveillance across all voice comms and ecomms channels, download our datasheet or get in touch for a demo. 

Markets Media also recently featured Adrienne Muir’s view on flexibility in the workplace and how working in FinTech has given Adrienne the freedom to work flexibly around family responsibilities, “In the current environment firms are reassessing if they need big offices and working from home is becoming more acceptable,” You can read more in our recent blog on flexible working…it’s not new.


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