Singapore – VoxSmart has been granted ‘enterprise critical’ status by financial institutions in APAC during the global COVID-19 pandemic.


VoxSmart has been considered essential for business continuity while firms tackle the ongoing operational and compliance challenges under COVID-19. Many businesses in the Asia-Pacific region have applied for essential service status in order to continue to operate on site. VoxSmart services and technology support many clients in APAC to continue business under the current working conditions.

VoxSmart has also been exempt from workplace activity suspensions that are currently in place by the Singapore government, a testament to the company’s long-standing remote working mentality and cloud-based technology. VoxSmart Mobile Capture technology is able to be deployed and supported completely remotely, adhering to the current government advice to not expose individuals to any unnecessary risk.  

The news follows recent £5.5m investment by NatWest to accelerate growth and the innovation of new products. The firm has also launched its Series B campaign, with the hope to close further investment within the year.

 On the impact seen by COVID-19, VoxSmart COO, Adrienne Muir added, 

“during this time our clients are most definitely leveraging the Mobile Surveillance product we offer, we have seen a huge surge in Mobile use globally, which I suppose is not really surprising if you are pushed to work remotely using the tools you have in front of you to communicate.”

Remote working has been an overnight global phenomenon and some firms are struggling under the new normal to meet the regulatory obligations and individual accountability requirements such as SMR in the UK or Hong Kong’s Manager-in-Charge regime.

Steven Heng, Managing Director of VoxSmart in APAC commented on supporting regulated firms, “We are proud to be able to provide a service which enables businesses to continue under these unprecedented circumstances. Firms should know there are solutions out there to help keep their regulated employees working compliantly, using enabled tools from the safety of their own homes.”


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