11 years has passed since the inception of VoxSmart as we know today. Although 11 years may not seem like a lot, in this time lot has changed within the company. From awards to acquisitions the road to The Sunday Times 100 was anything but easy, yet we got there and are thankful for this journey.  

In looking forward to the future often looking to the past reminds us of just how far the VoxSmart vision has come, in this blog we take a look over the last 11 years focusing on the tech, the talent and the turning points in the history of VoxSmart.  

The tech. 

In the modern era technology is aways adapting and evolving, enhancing current technology offerings and paving the way for future advancements. For companies such as ourselves, staying stagnant when it comes to technology is never an option as there will always be improvements to be made.  

Having started with Mobile Capture, we have expanded our product suite over the years with cutting-edge technology – both developed in house and through a number of key acquisitions. In 2019, VoxSmart acquired the Spanish firm Fonetic which specialised in voice and text communication analysis, as well as automated Trade Reconstruction. Seeing great potential in the technology for compliance and risk management, the firm was a great fit to bolster our product offering and open new opportunities.  

More recently in September of 2021, the acquisition of GreenKey’s natural language processing technology strengthened our voice recognition technology and allowed us to explore how we can add value in other areas of a business. Using NLP technology firms can now leverage trade communications to ensure trade opportunities are not lost amongst the noise of the trading floors, enhancing revenue potential of a given firm.  

Across our product suite we are incredibly proud to say that each technological solution we provide is accredited with leading industry awards including Best Trade Reconstruction solution by the TradingTech Insight, from A-Team Insight, AIFinTech 100 by FinTech Global and Wealth and Finance 2021.  

The talent. 

Growing from a team of 10 to over 160 in a few short years is no easy feat but what has always been important to the company is ensuring that the talent we take on suit and carry forward the culture which we have proudly built from day one. Throwing the book on hiring out – we chose not to hire on CV but we hire those with passion and market knowledge and a willingness to learn along the journey.  

As our Group Chief Operating Officer, Adrienne Muir put in a recent article with The Financial TechnologistThe future at VoxSmart is as bright as those working within the business.  We continue to see a strong talent entering and push internal teams to improve as we grow”. Referring to our internal talent as “the secret sauce in what we do” our success is down to the hard work and dedication of each member to keep the cogs moving on our growth trajectory and continued prosperity.  

The turning points.  

Everything the team has accomplished over the years has brought VoxSmart to where it is today however some stand out moments excelled our cause and mission.  

In the midst of a global pandemic we successfully secured a $25 Million Growth Equity financing round to expand our multi-award-winning communications surveillance technology suite. The lead investor in this funding round was multi asset fund management firm Toscafund Asset Management LLP and was one of the largest fundraises conducted for the RegTech and Compliance sector with negotiations taking place entirely online. This follows on from investment from UK Investment Manager Deepbridge Capital who have been a longstanding supporter of the VoxSmart vision. Both investments enabled VoxSmart to expand headcount within the company but it also paved the way for the acquisition of GreenKey’s Natural Language Processing technology.  

Some other standout moments throughout the years have come from the privilege of being awarded and accredited by leading organisations for our solutions. As previously mentioned, VoxSmart has featured in the AIFinTech 100 2022, RegTech 100 2022 and been awarded Best Trade Reconstruction Solution by TradingTech Insight Awards Europe 2022 by the A-Team Group. Although awards are secondary to our mission it is always an honour to be recognised for the work in which we do.  


Featuring on as part of The Sunday Times 100 is one such honour that is not lost on the team here at VoxSmart. We look forward to the future with the same drive and dedication to transforming the way in which firms monitor communications. With great things in the pipeline for the coming months we are excited to share our continued growth and progression – watch this space!