VoxSmart joins government-backed Business Growth Service

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Looks for international expansion as new EU trading rules come into force

London September 23, 2015: VoxSmart, the leading provider of mobile call recording technology to the City of London’s financial trading community, is looking to further expand its business internationally with the help of a UK-government backed Business Growth Service.

VoxSmart has joined the service that aims to provide specialist business support and training to companies looking to grow in both domestic and international markets.

CEO Oliver Blower said: “With new EU-wide financial trading regulations coming into force in little more than 12 months, there is a tremendous opportunity for us to grow and develop our business on a global scale. With the support and help of the Business Growth Service we aim to maximize that opportunity.”

VoxSmart’s patented VSmart™ solution already provides mobile call recording services to many firms in the City of London covered by strict UK Financial Conduct Authority regulations requiring traders’ mobile calls to be recorded. Under new EU legislation, called MiFID II, even tougher rules will apply in the UK and throughout Europe from January 2017.

“Our patented technology is the only solution in the market that can work with virtually any handset to provide regulatory compliant mobile call recording on any mobile network,” said Blower. “What’s more, we not only capture voice calls, but also all the text and voice messaging on the handsets as required by the new rules.”

Martin Carruthers, Business Growth Manager at the Business Growth Service said VoxSmart was exactly the type of company the service was intended to support.

“With its strong UK experience, its market-leading patented technology, and the developing European opportunity it is facing, VoxSmart is well placed to expand both at home and abroad,” said Carruthers. “We believe that through our support, and with access to the network and services that we can make available, we can help the company fulfill its ambitious growth plans,” he added.

'Find a company that helps you grow. Surround yourself with a team who will support you.' -@VoxSmartGlobal Adrienne Muir on mentorship

VoxSmart COO Adrienne Muir on the @FIAconnect Panel this afternoon! #women #FIAExpo #WILD

Our COO Adrienne Muir is on the panel @FIAexpo in Chicago today talking about Women in FinTech:2.30 Nextgen Classroom, Silver Hall #FIAExpo

Another great Meet the Companies event today for advisers in Bristol. Thanks to @vTimeNet and @VoxSmartGlobal for joining us.


Our very own, Emily Brown talking about the VoxSmart mission at @DeepbridgeCap Roundtable in Birmingham

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