Singapore – VoxSmart has received market recognition from the Singapore FinTech Association (SFA) for their suite of Regulatory Technology products designed to serve Financial Markets firms.


VoxSmart, leading provider of mobile recording and communications surveillance, is proud to receive a FinTech Certification from the prominent authoritative body in the Singapore FinTech ecosystem.

VoxSmart has recently been considered essential for business continuity while firms tackle the ongoing operational and compliance challenges under COVID-19. VoxSmart services and technology support many clients in APAC to continue business under the current working conditions 

The FinTech Certification is awarded by the Singapore FinTech Association (SFA) and is recognised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Successful candidates must meet strict SFA requirements relating to their business origins, services related to the FinTech sector, and operational status. Certified companies provide financial technology to improve and automate the delivery of financial services to end customers, businesses, or as a partner to Financial Institutions.

The SFA is a cross-industry, non-profit organisation that facilitates collaboration between all market participants and stakeholders in the FinTech ecosystem. The association recently release a number of initiatives to support FinTech companies through these unprecedented times, including a establishing a solidarity grant of up to S$6 million in conjunction with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Singapore FinTech Association (SFA) and AMTD Foundation (AMTD).

SFA member firm, VoxSmart continue their growth in the region, bolstered by their strong client footprint that use their mobile, WhatsApp and Wechat capture technology, with the introduction of their full product suite of communications surveillance and trade reconstruction tools, announced at the beginning of the year. 



About VoxSmart

VoxSmart is a leader in communications surveillance and mobile capture technology for global financial markets participants. VoxSmart’s suite of communications surveillance products allows firms to communicate, trade and work in a compliant manner to effectively mitigate financial risk and achieve competitive advantage in heavily regulated markets. Visit


About the SFA

The Singapore FinTech Association is a network of over 360 FinTech companies and industry partners in more than 32 countries. The association is a cross-industry, non-profit initiative and designed to be an effective platform for members to engage with multiple stakeholders to find solutions to their issues. For more information go to



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Marketing Department, VoxSmart
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