VoxSmart has recently launched two new features that give compliance teams increased visibility over what surveillance is being performed on their communications data – both by the team and the technology itself.  

VoxSmart Communications Surveillance already comes with a user-friendly policy maker that helps managers effectively manage workloads and response times with features such as policy results testing before policy criteria is confirmed. VoxSmart has now introduced evidence highlighting and alert activity trails to their communications monitoring tool to increase the quality of the audit trail required for regulatory obligations.


Surveillance Alert Activity Reporting

The ‘Alerts Activity’ feature in our Communications Surveillance platform gives senior managers an instant summary of the actions taken by their surveillance and compliance team. Managers can review who has worked on a surveillance alert, what the action was and when it took place in an easy-to-follow timeline view. Color-coding for each action allows reviewers to quickly identify the trail of actions taken including whether the alert has been escalated, added to a case, or closed.

All these activities can be seen in a graph-style report that the senior manager can personalise according to their reporting requirements.


Surveillance Evidence Highlighting 

Another new feature that has been launched is evidence highlighting for quick and easy review. This allows reviewers to easily spot the evidence which triggered the surveillance alert and validate if the context is suspicious or not. All evidence is collected in a list according to financial information such as price, client, or behavior such as phrase used, or time sent. This makes the review of communications, especially voice calls, quick and efficient.

For large teams, this feature can be toggled on or of depending on the security and access permissions of each user to ensure the integrity of the compliance policies in operation.


Surveillance built for accuracy and efficiency

Our surveillance technology is market leading in its capability to process and accurately surveil voice and mobile communications. Our financial language models are pre-trained to perform well when handling financial language and trader jargon, without the need for large data sets from the client. This means that the time spent fine-tuning the software to understand your business is dramatically reduced.

By also connecting to any electronic communications source, users are able to review all trading communications, from any source, side by side in the same software. This reduces the number of applications needed for an investigation down to one for communications review and another for trade review. We believe this best of breed approach to be the most effective way to monitor the conduct of your employees.


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