Voice & Voicemail
Harness the power of iOS surveillance.
At VoxSmart we ensure your compliance strategy isn't limited by device choice, network provider or location, and that’s why we developed VSmart™ On Demand for iOS.

VSmart™ On Demand provides firms with world-class mobile communication capture even on your employees personal devices. Download the app, activate your compliant number and you can make compliant calls from your Apple device.
Voice and Voicemail Capture
‘The best ideas start as conversations’
Sir Jony Ive
Chief Design Officer, Apple
VSmart™ iOS places conversation at the heart of your digital strategy, enabling your workforce to communicate, transact and access new revenue opportunities whilst remaining compliant. VSmart™ On Demand is designed to support firms that operate a BYOD strategy and want to give users the ability to make personal and compliant calls from the same device.
Two Numbers, One Phone
It’s your call...
Making a compliant phone call on your iOS device couldn’t be simpler. Switch seamlessly between your personal number and compliant number at the touch of a button. Call your contact using the contact record or type the number straight into the VSmart™ dialler.
Global Deployment & Coverage
The sky’s the limit
Your compliance solution should never leave you feeling unsupported, regardless of your location. VSmart™ On Demand for iOS is built on the same global telephony backbone as our original flagship solution VSmart™ Always On which is available globally.
Any Network
We’ve got you covered
Benefit from global coverage and choose the network provider that best suits your business requirements. Our technology is compatible with them all.
Toll Bypass
Hold the phone!
VSmart™ routes all outbound calls via the home PoP and the international leg of the call traverses, the low-cost global VSmart™ voice network, saving you up to 30% on your international call costs.
iOS surveillance starts here
Unearth your firms global communication usage and gain valuable insights into user behaviour in real time.
Our award-winning AWS cloud-hosted platform, the VoxSmart Surveillance Portal, retains captured communications for instant retrieval allowing administrators to caveat unlawful conduct and better understand user behaviour by using our advanced analytics tools featuring a dynamic user interface.