The world’s first unified Mobile Surveillance Platform
We capture, store and record mobile communication on any mobile network, on any mobile platform, in any location to give you the most sophisticated mobile surveillance capability in the world.

There is no need to replace your existing Mobile Network or use a 3rd Party ‘App’ , just highly secure, tamper-proof software that is integrated into your devices Operating System designed, developed and deployed by a team of industry experts.
With a seamless User Experience and Award-Winning User Interface, discover why Global Financial Services Firms, Leading Inter-Dealer Brokers and Wholesale Risk Managers rely on VSmart™ everyday.
Voice & SMS
Welcome to the future of communication compliance.
We provide the highest standard of mobile communication capture at anytime, from anywhere, on any network, and thats why tier one banks and globally regulated firms choose us.
Calls captured from over 30 countries across the globe using VSmart™ enabled devices.
Not to mention:
In production on over 26 unique Android devices.
Available in
Countries across Europe, America and Asia.
Trusted by
Firms across the globe. Including 3 Global Tier 1 Banks.
Voice Capture
"My word is my bond".
With VSmart™, users can trade and communicate anytime, on any network, anywhere in the world with peace of mind that internal and regulatory compliance needs are being met.
With state of the art telephony routing, all calls are recorded ‘in network’ and circuit switched from GSM to SIP to ensure the highest levels of security, quality, speed and accuracy.

Enable enterprise mobility today with VSmart™ and never miss a trade again.
VoxSmart Worldwide
Your global business deserves a global solution.
Global Coverage
From Australia to Zimbabwe, we’ve got you covered.
VSmart™ is compatible with all major GSMA Mobile Network Operators and is in production in all of the world's largest financial services centres.
Embedded Client
Seamless tamperproof technology.
Precisely designed around the needs of your users, we harmoniously work around your existing device set up and deploy VSmart™ via your MDM, EMM or UEM provider of choice.

VSmart™ embeds natively into the operating system of your device. This means no clunky App or SIM replacement, just seamless tamper-proof technology and global capability. Simple.
Toll Bypass – Call Globally. Pay Locally.
Dramatically reduce the cost of international calls.
Depending on your chosen tariff VSmart™ instantly reduces the total cost of ownership when calling international numbers from your home country. No expensive phone bills, no additional calling costs and no unforeseen expenses.
Global Roaming Assurance
Being away from home has never felt more like home.
In today's hyper-connected global markets, you cannot afford to lose a trade due to poor signal. With VSmart’s™ built in Global Roaming Assurance (“GRA”) you will never drop a call or a deal.

Whether you’re closing a trade or making overseas calls, Global Roaming Assurance will connect calls using your mobile data so you will never again be left in the dark [ages].
Visual Voicemail
Never miss a trick ... or a trade.
“…Press 1 to listen to the message, press 2 to save the message, or press 3 to… would you like to just read your message?”

With VSmart™ visual voicemail, we go out of our way to notify you via email or SMS the contents of your voicemail to you, transcribed and written out ready for you to view and reply in seconds.
Text Messages
All bases are covered.
SMS remains a cornerstone of any enterprise communication strategy and with VSmart™ SMS capture, your text messages are encrypted, archived and made available in real-time.

Add SMS Capture to your compliance toolbox and enable the ability to transact using text message.
Introducing the world's first unified surveillance portal.
We make multi-channel surveillance look simple by securely storing and curating your captured communications. Discover how the VSP brings all of your captured data together in one place, unifying multiple channels into one patented, award-winning User Interface.
It's your business to know your business.
Map the digital footprints of your users with geo-tagging. See a graphical representation of the exact location, time and date stamp, name, and communication type. Know where your business is taking place.
Download Data
Your favoured formats.
Download your communications directly from your VoxSmart Surveillance Portal in the format you need, when you need it.
Storage Options
Enterprise grade storage from AWS.
An industry leading compliance solution deserves industry leading cloud security. We are proud to associate our cloud storage solution with Amazon Web Services to provide our customers with the enterprise grade security you would expect from industry pioneers.
The VSP integrates seamlessly with your existing on premise storage solution meaning all your communications are where you want them, how you want them.

Discover the flexibility of our award winning surveillance solution and choose the option that works best for you and your business.