Your window into user behaviour
and real time gateway to conduct risk management
The VSP is an award-winning cloud hosted surveillance platform that allows you to administer, permission and provision your VSmart™ user estate.

By capturing, tagging and presenting all of your recorded communications, we simplify surveillance across your global user estate.

All of your media and meta data is displayed in real time within a highly secure User Interface to ensure you have a window into user behaviour and the best chance to mitigate any conduct related risks.
It's your business to know your business.
Map the digital footprints of your users with geo-tagging. See a graphical representation of the exact location, time and date stamp, name, and communication type.
Know where your business is taking place.
24/7 Support
Good morning, good afternoon and goodnight.
A global mobile surveillance strategy has to capture not only the latest available channels but also be capable of capturing disruptive channels not yet at critical mass.
Real Time Retrieval
Your favoured formats
Download your communications directly from your VoxSmart Surveillance Portal in the format you need, when you need it.
Statistics, Analytics and U(sers)
Doing more with your data.
Explore our powerful analytics feature to gain valuable insights from your captured data and gather crucial statistics to futher refine your compliance strategy.
Customisable Dashboard
Your widgets, where you want them, how you want them.
Providing our customers with a seamless user experience is integral to our technology. With our fully customisable dashboard and enhanced visual assets, administrators can view, rearrange and analyse communications in seconds.
Meta Data
The devil is in the detail.
Our solution is not a traditional store and forward model. All communications are recorded in real-time and made available for playback / review instantly. Voice is the cornerstone of any Multichannel Mobile Surveillance proposition.
Make a wish
Your wish is our command.
We constantly look to improve our technology, further asserting our position as industry pioneers. With our ‘Make a Wish’ feature you can submit requests and comments which are directly forwarded to our support and development team for consideration.
Unified Analytics
All of your channels in one place, simple.
Be the master of your organisations communications by centralising your captured data. Analyse data from multiple channels, gather insights and extract information enabling your compliance team to work more effectively.
Storage Options
Enterprise grade storage from AWS
An industry leading compliance solution deserves industry leading cloud security. We are proud to associate our cloud storage solution with Amazon Web Services to provide our customers with the enterprise grade security you would expect from industry pioneers.
The VSP integrates seamlessly with your existing on premise storage solution meaning all your communications are where you want them, how you want them.

Discover the flexibility of our award winning surveillance solution and choose the option that works best for you and your business.