WeChat Capture

Instantly connect to Asia’s most popular messaging app

Monitor your direct line to Asia.

Capture one-to-one chats, group chats, emoji’s and voice notes sent directly from WeChat on any mobile device.

  • Available globally
  • Cloud Storage as standard
  • For Android and iOS

Ensure compliance in global markets.

Our solution works seamlessly in the background. End users can keep using the same mobile number and have access to their chat history, ensuring continuity of service and customer relations.

Rich media, attachments and more

Instantly capture messages, voice notes and emoji´s from group chats or one-to-one conversations. We also support UTF-8 languages such as Arabic, Chinese and Japanese.

No new number needed

No need to make a new account, stay with the WeChat account you have always used for client communications.

Native WeChat Application

Keep your chat history and address book by using the official WeChat app at all times.

Easy search and retrieve

Quickly search by employee, time, or location and view messages in real time. Export to zip file or integrate with your communication surveillance system.

Tamper-proof technology

Our embedded application cannot be removed or deleted by the end-user, ensuring end-user compliance.

Enable WeChat compliance from industry pioneers

Protect native user behaviour

Experience no change to the user experience of your mobile device and minimise the risk of non-compliance. Our unique approach to mobile recording allows the use of the official WeChat application.

Tamper-proof technology

Our embedded application cannot be removed or deleted from the mobile device, ensuring end-user compliance.

Are you ready to discover how WeChat Capture can transform your global compliance strategy?

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