"Can you afford not to be connected to over 2 billion potential customers?"
Mobile needs to be at the centre of your digital transformation strategy.
Discover why Mobile Surveillance is integral to preserving business continuity and an integral part of your business strategy. It’s time to future-proof your business and embrace compliance standards by adopting the worlds first unified multi-channel surveillance platform.
The definition of
Mobile Surveillance

1. Mobile Surveillance is the act of gathering data from mobile devices and harnessing the ability to review and monitor this data at will.
"The retrieval and close observation of mobile communications."
of mobile users use instant messaging to stay connected. Are you?
Did you know?
There are now more mobile phones than people on the planet.
5 times.
As many mobile phones as PC's.
110 times.
A user's mobile is unlocked per day.
The $1 trillion question
Can your business function without mobile?
For years, traders have been communicating and transacting in microseconds, constantly connected to global markets. But when it comes to mobile they couldn’t feel more disconnected.

Did you know the first telephone trading systems were implemented in the late 1800’s? Fixed line communication is a relic of history, it’s time to modernise your trading capability and maximise your front office revenue!
Maximise Revenue
Multiple channels, multiple gains.
Communication channels are continuously evolving, therefore it is our duty to respond with a compliance solution across all channels, enabling organisations to transact in confidence whilst adhering to global regulations.

Discover how we helped the worlds #1 OTC Oil Broker boost P&L and migrate to WhatsApp for 95% of its electronic trades, or how we helped the worlds largest oil producer leverage WhatsApp as a platform to execute and confirm trades and share market colour.
Mitigate Risk
Don't risk it.
In today's financial markets adhering to global regulation is a mandatory requirement. At VoxSmart we make it our priority to provide financial institutions and globally regulated firms with the best mobile surveillance solution available on the market.

Mitigate the risk of financial penalty with VSmart™ and discover how unlocking the power of mobile and embracing global regulation will empower your workforce, not restrict them.
Reduce Cost
More minutes for your miles.
Managing and providing an entire workforce with corporate issued devices can be a costly expense, especially when you take into consideration minutes used, data, overseas charges and device management applications, and not to mention the cost of the device in the first place.

Equipping your workforce with VoxSmart enabled devices can dramatically lower the overall cost of ownership by significantly reducing call and roaming charges saving on average 30% per device, per month.
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In todays hyper-connected and strictly regulated industries, can you afford to not utilise mobile?