LONDON – Communications Surveillance firm VoxSmart, supports for Wycombe Women’s Aid, a local UK charity that supports victims of domestic and sexual violence, with charitable donation in recognition of the disruption caused to many people during the global pandemic. 

Wycombe Women’s Aid helps women and children live their lives free from domestic violence and sexual abuse through a growing network of shelters and safehouses in the surrounding area. The charity, committed to the principles of self-help and empowerment, has helped thousands of women and children escape volatile situations and begin a new life from a safe and secure environment.

VoxSmart’s success seen during 2020 contrasted with the unfortunate impact of the pandemic on many families everywhere has urged the company to give back and support the local community and society.


Oliver Blower, CEO at VoxSmart comments 

“Whilst remote working has been a positive paradigm shift, it is not without its disadvantages and the new working model has also caused huge disruption and suffering for many people, especially vulnerable women and children.”

Both companies share clear synergies around advocating and fostering resilience and considering the current working environment that households are experiencing globally, the collaboration is particularly relevant.

“Given the work VoxSmart does in enabling remote work, we felt compelled to recognise the distress and anguish this is surely having on many vulnerable people and considering our continued company commitment to building resilience within our team, we felt it our duty to adopt a similar role in the communities around us.” Oliver ads.


The funds will be used to fund a new garden space, currently under council approval, for older children whose mothers are in the shelter, giving them a safe, fun environment to relax and play games or watch TV.

The charity is affiliated to WAFE (Women’s Aid Federation England), the key national charity working to end domestic violence against women. 


About Wycombe Women’s Charity

Wycombe Women’s Aid is a charity dedicated to supporting victims of domestic and sexual abuse. The organization was established in 1979 and opened the first refuge in High Wycombe in the 1980s and since then have helped thousands of women and children escape domestic violence and begin a new life from a safe and secure environment. For more information visit:


About VoxSmart

VoxSmart Ltd. is a UK headquartered communications surveillance provider with offices in New York, London, Singapore and Madrid. VoxSmart designs, develops and deploys cloud-based surveillance and trade reconstruction software for global financial institutions to manage their business risks and regulatory requirements. Its rapidly evolving technology, with proven accuracy in financial voice transcription and real-time instant message capture, supports over 100 clients in the front and back office to monitor and reconstruct all trade communications from voice, mobile, email and chat.