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Let's shape the way businesses see their data together.

We're using cutting-edge technology to change financial services for the better and while we're at it, we're creating a fantastic place to work!






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We're working hard to make sure our team stays healthy and productive.

We're in this together

Why VoxSmart?

VoxSmart is a fast-paced environment with a global footprint that’s leading its sector in surveillance technology for financial markets.

We Innovate

Question the status quo and create next generaion technology.

We Engineer

Be part of delivering challenging and diverse global projects.

We Lead

Become one of our clients trusted experts and advisers.

Our Community

Our people are our priority

Encouraging smart thinkers

We embrace agile methodologies, cross-skilling and collaboration across our teams to allow you to continue growing and advance your career.

Supporting smart ways of working

We encourage everyone to take care of their wellbeing both inside and outside the workplace so our resilient teams deliver resilient solutions, without the burnout.

Helping you inspire others

We love to see our team thrive so will always offer your the opportunity and tools to instil your passion into the teams, clients and communities you work alongside.

Our Values

It's in our DNA

Our values are not for show, we live and breathe them every day.

We're passionate

We are passionate about our business, our products and our clients. Our passion drives us to deliver quality products and a top-tier service.

We're resilient

We have a strong track record of delivering resilient software, and in turn encourage our team to focus on wellbeing and resilience to drive our performance.

We're collaborative

We can only be successful if we work together, therefore collaboration across the business and with our clients is essential.

We're respectful

We are a diverse team, here at VoxSmart. Everyone’s contribution and experience is respected and encouraged.

We're responsible

We expect everyone to take personal responsibility for their contribution and to support the contributions of their colleagues.


Our universe is made of superstars and we've got over 70+

"A forward-thinking and innovative business that goes above and beyond supporting their employees. I still feel part of a respected and nurtured team despite working remotely during these unprecedented times."

May 2020

"I joined in the middle of Covid confinement, and I received all the attention needed to have a successful incorporation to the company. VoxSmart was very patient with employees with children and allows them to adapt to their situation."

June 2020

"Run by leaders who know their stuff, they know where they are going and how they want to grow the business, which is reassuring."

April 2020

"Made up of great people who are really supportive and want to listen to the ideas of others, regardless of department or level of experience."

April 2020

"Good engagement and communication from senior management. Excellent flexible working and remote working conditions."

April 2020

Help us make the markets smart

We pride ourselves in delivering state-of-the-art technology designed and developed by market pioneers, tech wizards and mobile masters.