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Communications Surveillance

Redefining how markets see their communications data

Multichannel communication surveillance technology built for financial markets.

Surveillance. Re[defined.]

We developed the
building blocks...

Equip your firm with the tools to turn regulatory requirements into competitive advantage, whilst protecting against market abuse and misconduct.


Supervise every communication channel, as standard.

Combine your voice and eComms surveillance to clearly monitor your communications and detect signs of market abuse or misconduct.


Record and archive voice, text and instant messages.

Deployed globally and available on any network, experience state-of-the-art mobile recording for both iOS and Android mobile devices.


Reconstruct complex trades in minutes, not months.

Automatically connect every communication to its relevant trade and detect signs of bad conduct whilst saving time, money and resources.


Your window into understanding employee behaviour.

Where big data meets our intuitive User Interface, dive deeper and gain valuable insights into your firms communications and transactions.

Setting the global standard for
communications surveillance

There's a reason Tier 1 banks choose VoxSmart.


Servicing leading financial institutions for over a decade, our Voice Surveillance and Mobile Capture technology has evolved alongside emerging markets and the regulators.


In use across the globe by Tier 1 banks and multi-national financial institutions, our industry-leading WhatsApp solution is capturing over 3 million messages a month and growing.


“Innovative RegTech company enables Singapore’s leading energy and commodity firms to trade over WhatsApp and WeChat."
Fintech News.sg"


From our ISO 27001 certification to enterprise-grade storage from AWS as standard, our information security is the backbone of our operation.

Built with Capital Markets DNA

With over 100 years of accumulative experience in financial markets at our core, we understand the hurdles financial institutions are facing and have developed the technology to overcome them.

3D black twisting DNA spiral

Designed for finance, inspired by you.

Your feedback steers our roadmap.

We build our product roadmap based on industry insights and feedback collected from our partners and customers. We believe that this approach ensures that our products consistently exceed expectations.

We're redefining how Markets see their data.

Whether turning regulatory requirements into a competitive advantage, saving valuable time and resources reconstructing trades or realising the value within your organisation's communication data, we provide the business tools required to accelerate your future in finance.

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Achieve financial industry compliance

Take proactive steps to monitor your workforces’ communications and comply with MiFID II, MAR and Dodd-Frank regulation.

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Reduce cost by working smarter

Increase efficiency when supervising and reconstructing communications data whilst saving time, money and valuable resources.

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Disaster recovery and emerging markets

Maintain a competitive and agile approach by adapting to emerging markets whilst remaining resilient against a crisis.

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Combatting conduct risk

Culture reform is integral to changing conduct within banks, and with SM&CR, senior managers must now have complete visibility.

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eDiscovery and Litigation

Accurately transcribing voice calls and messages into discoverable data can help solve lawsuits and build audits quickly and on-demand.

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Customer Championship

When building an effective customer satisfaction strategy, internal visibility of your sales interactions can help determine best practice.

Surveillance in 20/20.

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