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Regulator ready


Automatically connect every communication to its relevant trade and generate accurate reconstructions.

Reconstruction, on demand.

Increase trade transparency and improve oversights.

Automatically understand your business activity.

Siloed communication and trade data make it impossible to accurately understand your business activity. By combining insight from communications and trades and orders, efficiently investigate the context around your trades, detect suspicious activity and provide accurate reconstructions to comply with Dodd-Frank Title VII, MiFID II, MAR and other global regulations.

Trade Reconstruction.

Reconstruct complex trades in minutes, not months.

It's time to start operating smarter. Save valuable time, money and resource reconstructing trades while realising the value contained within.

Regulator ready

Report in full, on time, every time. Review and export an accurate reconstructed trade in minutes and keep a record of every trade with its voice and e-comms for up to 7 years.

View trade activity timeline

Clearly see the connection between a trade, order, its communications and counterparties. Complete view of pre-trade and post-trade information ready for investigation.

Proactively detect intent

Quickly spot signs of suspicious employee behaviour and alert to breeches in business conduct or other precursors to market manipulation or market abuse.

Improve customer relationships

Provide evidence on trade disputes, solve customer litigations and swiftly check if your brokers are giving suitable and appropriate advice.

Designed for business evolution.

We work with you and scale our surveillance technology to align with your surveillance and compliance strategy.

Multilingual employees?

No problem. Advanced financial language models and language change detection for over 20 languages support.

Need bespoke connectors?

Our engineers work with standard and tailor-made sources to ensure your data is ingested every time, all the time.

Moving to the cloud?

Our voice surveillance solution can be deployed on premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid approach. The choice is yours.

Comply with regulatory requirement

Detect signs of bad conduct and market abuse before the regulator request arrives.

In today's trading environment, manual reconstructions simply take up too much time and resource. Anyone that is not directly involved in a trade will struggle to understand the reasoning or strategy behind it by only looking at the trade details. However, when you review all the related communications alongside trade data, it provides the necessary background and context to understand and accurately identify suspicious behaviour.

Dodd-Frank Title VII

Dodd-frank requires Swap Dealers and Major Swap Participants to produce all communications and documentation related to a trade within a 72-hour timeframe.


Evidence essential to prove “intent” are found inside communications, especially for collusion and insider dealing where financial losses are greater when more fraudsters are involved.


MiFID II advises firms take a risk-based approach to your monitoring. If ignored firms face fines of up to three times the profit made from market abuse.

Relavant data

Data correlation

Protect your firm with data that makes sense.

Investigate trades within the context of each negotiation, giving you better insight of trader activity and greater visibility behind each transaction.

Our technology monitors voice, eComms, chats, trade and order data enabling you to build a unified picture of the trade lifecycle and act responsibly to prevent misconduct.

Easily spot trades without backing communications

Identify best execution and areas to improve

Proactively reconstruct trading history ready for regulatory investigations

High accuracy by using communication's content and context

Your data is valuable beyond just compliance

Manual reconstructions drain valuable resources, risk regulator relations and take a long time to complete. We reduce the time it takes to compile and review reconstructions from hours and weeks to a just few minutes, so you spend less time on reviewing audio and more time on proactive supervision and controls.

Up to 700

trades a day closed on trading floors

+ £2m

spent on outsourcing trade reconstructions over a year


of time spent on manual reconstructions can be saved going automatic

Complex reconstructions can take up to 2 months to complete.

Drastically reduce time and free valuable resources thanks to our proactive, continuous and automatic Trade Reconstruction.

Have your trade data regulator ready at the click of a button.

What are you waiting for?