The smarter way to monitor your business communications

Welcome to your communications data dashboard, where compliance and surveillance meet.

Voice and eCommunications surveillance in one platform.

Capture voice calls and all other e-communications so you can monitor entire conversations in one platform.

Our comprehensive surveillance platform is flexible and can connect to any communication source. We use intelligent surveillance to spot unusual employee activity and behaviour from communication content and metadata.

Advanced voice transcription.

Trust our voice surveillance software, which delivers market leading speech-to-text accuracy on financial language and more.

Our unique approach to voice processing combines natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning methods for greater accuracy and user control. This achieves optimal alerting conditions with very minimal training, unlocking powerful insights into your business data.

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E-communications surveillance monitoring.

Leverage our expert knowledge in data analysis and compliance to enhance your electronic communications surveillance.

We use advanced communications classification, content tagging and multichannel policies. This gives you the information and insight you need to make informed decisions around conduct issues, client negotiations or best practice.

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Transparency and governance over automation and AI.

Ensure the legal compliance of your surveillance technology with machine learning and supervisory features designed through a regulatory lens.

We provide a user-friendly policy builder, flexible intent training and an algorithm audit programme, among other pioneering automation and features. Operational transparency is upheld and results can be repeated with confidence.

Enhance your live surveillance & investigations

User-friendly model training

Easily update surveillance models to adapt to changes in employee activity and behaviour.

Trained financial AI

Monitor using policies and semantic searching that are pre-trained with financial compliance data.

Flexible archiving (coming soon)

Easily store communications data with us or seamlessly send to third party archiving solutions.

Real-time supervision

See business conversations as they happen on WhatsApp, Teams and Telegram. Act on third party communications as soon as they are available in your system.

Third-party software integration

We haven’t met a data source we couldn’t connect to. Access data from trade surveillance and market surveillance alongside your communications.

Connect to trade data

Increase the context around your communication policies by using data from their relevant trades and orders.

Supports compliance with global regulation.

We address the needs of regulated organisations and their compliance teams around the world. Your workforce can communicate in confidence, in any way they need to.

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